10 August 2011

Chocolate Mint Builder's Bar

I've been waiting forever for the Chocolate Mint 
Flavoured Clif Builder's Bars to come to Canada

It looks like my dreams came true, because they're finally here!

I already love the Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavours 
so I was pretty certain the Chocolate Mint would be a hit

Turns out I like the taste of this one the best!

Same great crispy and chewy texture inside

Topped with leftover Roasted Kabocha Squash 
scrambled with Egg Whites, Spinach, and Red Onion

And grilled in the George Foreman Grill for a couple minutes

The tortilla started to "flake out" on me hehe :)

Naturally, it's easy to eat a lot of fruit in the summer

Huge bowl of Pineapple, Apple, Red Grapes, Nectarines, and Strawberries

Topped with a dollop of Plain Yogurt and Cinnamon

Why does fruit have to be so delicious!!!


Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh I have to try that bar! I love clif bars sooo much. Mmm.

Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) said... [reply]

My brother loves that bar! I've never tried it, but it sure looks good :)

Mmm that wrap looks incredible!! Haha, brown rice tortillas always "flake out" on me too :P

Love your bowl of fruit! I don't know why it's so delicious, but it definitely is :D

<3 <3

Goldberry said... [reply]

Have you had the 'cookies and cream' flavor of clif builder bars? They're my favorite, along with the 'vanilla almond'... I'm a clif bar fiend! I tried the 'chocolate almond fudge' of the regular clif for the first time this morning.

Why does fruit have to be so delicious... is that a rhetorical question? ;)


Christin@purplebirdblog said... [reply]

I almost picked up that chocolate mint bar the other day... I've gotta go back for it! :)

Aimee said... [reply]

Yum! It all looks delicious!

Danielle said... [reply]

Yummy eats! Your wraps always look great. :) I've never tried Clif bars, but if I'm at the store I might have to pick one up!

Lauren said... [reply]

I hardly ever eat cliff bars, but this looks soo good. CHoc and mint= heaven!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I eat so much fruit in the summer, because we have such a short window to eat the stuff that's grown locally. Oh sure, we can freeze it or make jam, etc, but it's not the same as fresh. Strawberries, raspberries, nectarines, cherries, blueberries, apricots...love it all!

Chelsea said... [reply]

I love anything chocolate + mint flavoured! Girl Guide cookies are always my weakness. :D

Diana @ VeggieNextDoor said... [reply]

The Chocolate Mint Builder's Bar is my favorite too :-) I don't think the other flavors even come close.

I am very envious of that beautiful wrap you made!

GF Gidget said... [reply]

If it involves chocolate & mint, sign me up! Good choice!
Your wraps always make me want to buy a George Forman!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Mint chocolate anything is a winner in my book! Sounds great.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love fruit too! Only problem is, my every attempt to eat it for breakfast ends in me being hungry 20 minutes later so I have to save it for later in the day (otherwise I almost start busting my gut with all the fruit consumption!). I enjoy the natures candy with lots of nut butter or pancakes :D, too.

Dawn said... [reply]

Where do we buy these Clif Builder Bars in Canada? I've never seen them? Thanks!!

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