26 April 2015

Bacon and Eggs

As fatty and unappealing as bacon may 
seem, I love the sound of it sizzling in the pan

With the crackle of fresh cracked eggs over heat

The smell of bacon's aroma filling the kitchen is 
enough to make most non-vegetarian tummy's growl

Time to serve it up!

Bacon and Eggs with Toast

It's whats for breakfast/brunch this fine Sunday

Question: What did you eat this morning?

25 April 2015

Pizza Night

Splurging on the weekend with pizza & movies feels like a natural thing to do. 
We ordered in from Boston Pizza. My boyfriend got a Small Pepperoni Pizza...

And I got a large Santa Fe Salad with Chicken Breast

Now, back to relaxing. Tomorrow will be Eggs & Bacon and
 plenty of time spent doing nothing, and loving every bit of it!

17 April 2015

Spaghetti Dinner

My boyfriend's mother graciously sent us plenty of boxes of gluten free 
pasta so I've been cooking up spaghetti dinners for the past few nights 

Boiling the pasta

Chopping red bell pepper and broccoli with my six bean can of beans 

Blanching the veggies in the pasta water

Cooking the beef along with red onion and a 
few pepper pieces that found their way inside ;)

Adding Prego Original tomato sauce to finish

The finished plated product with the added beans

His and Her plates. My man opted for no beans and more meat ;)

Question: Do you like to add different ingredients 
to your pasta (ie. beans, avocado, seeds, citrus)?