07 October 2017

October Snacking

She's back! Yes, Snacking Squirrel has come down from her nest to frolic, feast and 
fraternize. After a needed break, I'm making my online appearances once again. 

And I come bearing a simple but oh so favorite snack time combination: 
Peanut Butter on Crackers with end of season Organic Blueberries

Now, I'm off to enjoy my afternoon snack... and soak up this lovely, sunny
October weather we're so fortunate to be having on Vancouver Island

See you all very soon!

30 March 2017

The Face Of Mental Illness?

Hello Snacking Squirrels!

I've missed you all terribly, and there's too much to catch up on and I don't know where to start. And where the heck have I been all this time!?! Well, growing and changing through some major hurdles with my mental health. Many of you who've followed me bravely from the start know about my highs and lows of depression and anxiety. I'm on the right path, healing, and I'm sober, stable and sane.

Sure, I was a little unhinged at times with the content of my posts but I am and always will be a genuine writer. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly- its all a part of my life and the many who can relate to it. I'm one of the faces of mental illness, a disorder that holds no stereotypes or discrimination. I take mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics and to some, that makes me 'crazy', but for me, I call it courage. I'm transforming and growing with each day, and this blog served as a life-raft when storms and waves would rock me. It continues to be a product of my desire to connect with others and be an encouraging voice for physical, psychological, and spiritual health. 

Kelsey Ann

07 January 2016

White Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunks!

My poor banana has been taken by SIN!

I blame delectable wonders of White Chocolate 
Wondeful Peanut Butter by PeanutButter&Co !!!

Peanut Butter on Banana with Vegan Chocolate Chunks!!!

To garnish (hehehe), I grabbed a small handful of Enjoy Life Foods 
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks because, (in my opinion), 
chocolate provides a needed KICK to such a memorably classic snack

Question: How do you "garnish" your bananas?