21 November 2015

"Sprouted" Chicken Sandwich

A classic chicken breast sandwich, "sprouting" with healthy toppings

Glutino Multigrain Brown Rice Bread toasted and topped with mustard to start

I lightly fried up a whole egg with 1/4 cup of egg whites 
mixed in with sauteed spinach before piling on pea shoots/pea
 sprouts, topped with 3 lean slices of oven roasted chicken breast

Finally, two of my favourite things, kosher dill pickle slices and 
raw red onion, garnished the plate to make fore a scrumptious lunch

 Question: Would you consider yourself a clean 
eater, in which the majority of the meals you eat are
centered around clean, whole and natural ingredients?

10 November 2015

The Biggest Muffin Top


I had to capture these photos of my moms Chocolate Espresso 
Chip Chunk Muffin before she ate it because...well, because!!!

She picked this hefty muffin up from Whole Foods 
Market in Vancouver to bring back home with her

Just look at those chunks of creamy, rich, milk chocolate *gasp*

Definitely the best thing I have laid eyes upon in a long time 
hehe. And my mom said this muffin was even better in her tummy ;)

Question: What is the coolest thing,
 pertaining to food, you have seen in awhile?

31 October 2015

Holy Halloween Batman!

Happy Halloween lovely readers! 

Perhaps we have some catching up to do, but my absenteeism was merely
 due to focusing on my career. But I want Halloween to be a starting point
 and a new chapter, and I am coming back with new super strengths just like
Batman himself! (Basically got an iPhone and realize how fun mobile posts are) hehe.

I spent the day in Vancouver with my brother and 
sister-in-law carving pumpkins and decorating up a storm.

"Please do not wake the dead".


Carving pumpkins is a tradition that cannot go missed, 
and I still swear by/ proclaim that scooping out the pumpkin
 guts and seeds is a job best done with one's bare hands!

Questions: Did you carve pumpkins 
this year? What did you carve?