17 December 2014

Dempster's Gluten Zero

I think I found my new favorite Sandwich Bread

Dempster's Gluten Zero 100% whole grain gluten free bread

There are 2 kinds to choose from: 100% Whole Grain or White

(Per 2 slices) 140 calories, 3.5 g fat, 5 g fiber, 2 g sugar, and 3 g protein

Fairly simple ingredients, and dairy free!

Kitten likes the new bread too

A simple sandwich layered with spinach, 
ham slices, onion, mustard, and miracle whip

Questions: Try a new brand or product 
lately? Has it become one of your favorites?

16 December 2014

Chocolate Covered Fruit Loops Cereal

Because all Fruit Loops should be smothered in Chocolate Spread!

I had a hankering for a mug/cup of Fruit Loops Cereal in the afternoon, 
and was excited to find Chocolate Butter in the cupboard to spruce it up a bit!

Each mouthful was deliciously enjoyed, in ecstasy 

You can tell a little Snacking Squirrel has been digging into the jar... *wink, wink*

So next time you have a cereal craving, I suggest 
seeing what else is in your pantry that you could add

Questions: Do you have Chocolate Spread in
 your place? Do you eat it by the spoonfuls too?

11 December 2014

Caramel Espresso Oatmeal

Not the most exciting of oatmeal, but it's got kick!

Protein-boosted with 1/3 cup egg whites, 1/3 cup wheat-

That's right, sometimes you need the espresso 
caffeine kick to start your day off right, right?

I used my new favorite product brand...

Tassimo Coffees and Teas

Which is when I found Gevalia Caramel Espresso, Tassimo

Our friend's Tassimo Machine that I have 
been using daily and love it's convenience

You just slip an instant pod of whatever coffee or tea you 
like into the machine and let it do its work. Easy as pie!

Question: Have you used a Tassimo or similar machine?