09 June 2015

Sandwich and Candy

Lunch started out pretty healthy...

Gluten free brown rice sandwich

With kale, egg, smoked chicken breast, red onion and mustard

Love my runny yolks

But I was still hungry when I finished and reached for a not-so-conventional snack...

Peanut M&M's candy!

Had more than a couple handfuls

But you know what, I was full after so I guess 
candy-coated chocolate was just what I needed ;)

02 June 2015

Taco Night

Every night should be TACO NIGHT in my books...

Gluten Free Corn Tortillas are my go-to choice for taco shells

Corn tortillas, lean ground beef, mild salsa...

Shredded marble cheese, spicy refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and red onion

Stuff that taco good


One of my favorite meals that, although a pain to prep, is well worth all the effort

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been getting in the way 
of blogging but I promise there will be more yumminess to come!

26 April 2015

Bacon and Eggs

As fatty and unappealing as bacon may 
seem, I love the sound of it sizzling in the pan

With the crackle of fresh cracked eggs over heat

The smell of bacon's aroma filling the kitchen is 
enough to make most non-vegetarian tummy's growl

Time to serve it up!

Bacon and Eggs with Toast

It's whats for breakfast/brunch this fine Sunday

Question: What did you eat this morning?