26 October 2014

DunnEnzie's Pizza Co.

I recently moved to Kelowna and was desperate to find a pizza joint that
had the most satisfying gluten free pizza with lactose free cheese. After
 having walked past DunnEnzie's Pizza Co., many times over and over,
 salivating at the smell of fresh cooked pizza pies, I went to check it out

DunnEnzie's atmosphere is UPBEAT, urban with a vintage twist, and
 the kindest, FRIENDLIEST, hardworking staff. Even on a busy day, you
 can just walk in and the wait time has always been shorter than predicted

One of the staff members, Jessie, even used his own artistic talent to
paint a feature wall mural that is stunning, impressive, and left me
 feeling grateful my pizza was being served up with an Artist's touch

To my surprise, they had gluten free pizza with DAIYA CHEESE;
 not just the usual "lactose free cheese" other pizzeria's serve up

Showing my appreciation for my boyfriend,
having treated me to a dine-in/take-out date night

Gluten Free Pineapple and Spinach Pizza with Extra Daiya Cheese

I savored every bit of it (and even shared a little too with my man)

Among the amazing thorough list of fun and creative pizza names and
toppings, they are open to different personalized selections to allow the
customer to feel like they are really getting the most bang for their buck...

...speaking of which, the price is quite reasonable and in fact the
cheapest I have found in regards to the quality of ingredients used

FIVE STARS!!!!! I will be back for more as my
taste buds won't let me stop talking raving about it

Trust me on this one, head to DunnEnnzie's Pizza Co.
downtown if you're in the neighbourhood. Even if just for
a fresh and hot single slice, you will be so glad you did!!!


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01 July 2014

Canada Day, Solo Celebration

Happy Canada Day 2014

I have retired to the lawn chair, fresh air, and optimal sunshine so for 
more valued posts, check out past year celebrations here, here and here!

More food posts on their way. Snacking Squirrel has become quite lazy, yet 
finding her nest a little too empty, so hopefully I can update more frequently...

18 June 2014

Reading, Eating, and Running

With Summer just around the corner, I have been getting back 
in the routine of eating more balanced meals, heavy on the greens

These breakfast sandwiches pack quite the protein punch; a great start to the day

1 fried egg with 1/3 cup egg whites, 2 slices cheddar cheese, 2 slices
crisp bacon, sliced tomato and red onion, kale, mustard, and black pepper

Tucked between 2 toasted slices of my new favourite gluten free bread!

Oh and Sauerkraut! How can I forget to mention the sauerkraut :) Mmmm

Mid-morning I decided to get active...

...and go for a 10 km run! I love my Adidas by Stella McCartney
shirt, paired with my long-lasting black Everlast running pants

I sort of bent the healthy eating rules to welcome
 a little trail mix into my life, and that's fine by me

It's the same trail mix I posted here, except I made
my own version... I like to think of it as "Trail ReMix"

Original m&m Chocolates, sultana raisins, BBQ peanuts, and Salted
Bar Mix
 consisting of: Almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts

All mixed together in salty, sweet, savory greatness

And as Summer approches and the weather heats up, lazy
 days spent reading a book become a highly treasured treat

Currently, I am reading Learned Optimism by Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. It's
  an excellent book examining our thoughts and how negative thinking holds us back

Question: What books are you reading
or looking forward to reading this Summer?