1. Who and What is Snacking Squirrel?

Snacking Squirrels are people who nibble their way through life in every sense of the word; From how they eat, how they learn, and how they go about their journey. I think the name fits my persona. Aside from the title, I'm a twenty something Registered Yoga Instructor and student from Victoria, B.C. Canada who enjoys running, drawing, friendship, cooking/baking, networking, and laughter. I'm a simple soul.

2. Why blog?

I have admired those before me in the blog world. I always wanted to start one but never felt it was the right time. I decided in 2010 that I wasen't going to hold back, and even though many people (and their dogs) have blogs, I wanted to do something creative for myself. Those who read it will see what it's like to live/eat in Victoria. Most people here don't have food blogs and I think that sets me apart.

3. What foods do you eat?

I eat a balanced organic diet. Vegetables my favorite and make up the bulk of my diet. I love spinach, broccoli, kale, beet greens, squash, yams, sweet potatoes, etc. Protein plays a huge role in my diet, and I consume organic grass-fed and wild meats from my local farmer's market. My favourite vegetable proteins are beans, seeds, and quinoa. I try to eat my food in it's whole form, but occasionally enjoy brown rice muffins from my favourite vegan restaurant.

4. More about me?

I spent almost 3 years as a strict vegetarian/vegan. Although I felt good initially, my health began to decline. Against many beliefs, I have found not everyone can thrive on vegetarianism. Since adding back animal protein I lost weight, increased my energy, improved my skin, balanced my hormones, and controlled my blood sugar levels. I have nothing against anyone who chooses a vegan/veg lifestyle if it works for them. I still eat most of my meals from vegan restaurants.. probably because I've worked at such restaurants and appreciate the taste of healthy food.

                          email: kelseytaylor@telus.net