24 August 2010

Gone Painting

4 hours spent painting is pretty much torture...

It's a job that needed to be done for many years now.

Mama helping me open the paint can

Choosing a color is a lengthy process, it's a big deal I think.

The paint store has every shade and blend, and every
 variation of any color you can think of. Why does there have
 to be 85 different purples? This makes my decision much harder!

This is what I've woken up to for the past 21 years....

I ended up choosing Lavender

Random Fact: Those are Family Guy P.J. bottoms
Peter Griffin was keeping me company...

I can assure you that I currently have Popeye's arm ;)

According to some Mystical Color Analysis website, the color Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance while promoting tranquility and spiritual healing.

Tomorrow i'll apply the second and final coat.

So far, much better I think!

Question: What color is your bedroom?
Do you like it or do you want to change it?


Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said... [reply]

Ooh I really like that colour! It definitely looks tranquil and relaxing.

My room is actually hot pink with an yellow/orange feature wall. It sounds horrible (I know) but it actually really works! And it's not too "girly" according to my boyfriend who is happy to let me leave it that colour :P

Lee said... [reply]

Good work, when are you coming over to paint the inside of my house. I hate painting.

mariposai said... [reply]

Nice! My bedroom is an intensely deep pink and I hate it...although I love bright colours I'd prefer something more subtle and light.

Sarah x

Anonymous said... [reply]

Amazing colour! And I love the house, in general. Mine is white.

By the way your mother has an unbelievable body, like you!

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

I *love* the lavender color you chose!

My room is sky blue, and I've never grown tired of it. It's a "happy" color, but also relaxing and tranquil.

Hahaha...love those PJ's!

lequan@luvtoeat said... [reply]

That's a great colour you chose Kelsey! Definitely very relaxing. All my walls need painting but I'm so lazy to do it and if hubby does it, it means I'm stuck with the kiddies, so painting can wait till kiddies get older and do it for us. Lol. Your room is looking great already.

Nina said... [reply]

You chose a beautiful color! Levander is my favourite plant and while looking at your fresh painted walls I can actually feel the smell of levander flowers.

My room is light yellow, I like it cause it looks sunny, but I wish I could change it, because Im bored of it and I've always wanted to have blue or purple walls in my room with big bed and lots of little lights.

Anonymous said... [reply]

That lavender is truly gorgeous! It looks so serene. Three of my walls are the mint green that yours used to be and the wall that my bed is against (my accent wall) is a dark pink (fuchsia I guess?). I love it because it matches my bedspread and beachy theme but in college I will go for something a bit more toned down!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Absolutely lovely color, although I have to say the green was really beautiful, too! I can imagine how ur Popeye arm must feel right now - I absolutely hate painting! This is why I decided to keep the walls in my current apartment plain and chic white ;) I have gone through so much struggle with painting my last three apartments... I cannot imagine doing anymore... wishing u lots of strength for today ;) xoxo Mel

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said... [reply]

so pretty! i like the lavendar. and i laughed at the part where you say it'd been like it was for 21 yrs - as long as we've lived here (6 years?) it's been "oh yeah, this winter we'll paint the walls!" but...you know that hasn't happened yet! haha. i got sort of sick of the waiting a couple of years ago and took it upon myself to go at my walls with "wallpaper" - i.e. pictures i've taken and pages from magazines :P

elk said... [reply]

I strangely like painting walls...and floors... had to do a fair bit of it in setting up shows at art college, though that was always white walls and grey floors. Yours is much nicer.
When I moved back into my parents house at 19 I impulsively painted my room a a vibrant orange - it's actually really calming. I had an urge to change it when I moved back in (again) this summer, but I like it. I feel oddly safe in this colour.
I hope you enjoy your lavender-ness :)

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Oh I love the lavendar. I live in a house with boys so that would not fly here so I have to live the girly life through you. I love shades of green. We are currently working our way through the house painting since the builder put horrible boring flat paint on the walls when we built the house.

So, I made banana muffins pretty much because of you yesterday! The muffins you get from that bakery always make me crave some! I hope you have a great day and good luck getting the painting done!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love purple! Your room looks so inviting.

My bedroom is a really really dark blue, with a purple undertone. I <3 it against my dark furniture!

Jess @ MTL Veggie said... [reply]

I love the lavendar shade you picked!
We're currently in a temporary living situation so no real paint colours. But once CK and I find a permanent dwelling I've already picked out the colours- the bedroom is going to be a light grey :)

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]

I like it! And good work on the painting- for me, it's one of those things that sounds like fun at first, but once I get 20 minutes into it, I'm over it... lol

My room has off white walls with one accent wall that's olive green (the apartment complex I'm in offer "accent walls" as a selling point). For me, the bedroom color needed to be sort of tranquil because I'm only in there for sleep- literally. The rest of my apartment says much more about my personality with it's saturated blue tones and splashes of red (I like to think it displays my sassiness that way). :)

Alex @ IEatAsphalt said... [reply]

Love that I color! Last year I redid my bedroom (at my parents) in silver and purple and am loving it. Unfortunately, apartment living gives me white walls and a lot of beige. Not interesting at all.

Emily said... [reply]

love the new color! my last room was a light teal, aqua, and i loved it. :-)

alex said... [reply]

great color!!!

I love the color of my bridesmaids dresses. I want everything to be that color...it's like jade but not....and has some blue in it...

when people asked me what color their dresses were - - - it took about 5 minutes to explain!!

Danielle (Runs on Green) said... [reply]

I love the lavender! I'm not really a "purple" girl but your room looks really bright & cute with that color.

My bedroom at home is light blue (I just re-painted it 7 months ago). I like the color but now I have to work on the walls...which are bare...anddd boring

Good luck painting & have a great day girlie :)

Monique said... [reply]

Bedroom: boring apartment living white. Your lavender: very serene looking and calming ;-)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Ahh yes I've been putting off some painting projects. I've been meaning to paint my bathroom at my parent's place in Florida. I use to have a lavender room :) Just lavender anything makes me think of serenity and tranquility. I hope you will have sweeter dreams now :)

My bedroom currently has white walls... and some brick ones too :) I don't want to paint them because I have so many colors IN my room that it would just be so overwhelming.


Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Paint can make such a drastic change to a room. It's amazing. My room is hard to explain, sort of a tannish color, very calming. But, I do want to change it now. It's been 9 years. Now if I could convince the hubs...

Christina said... [reply]

lovely color!! i was having trouble picking between my green color and that same purple! i love it :)

Tori said... [reply]

Tan. The most boring color ever. It's like the rest of the house. We had plans to paint some rooms, but I don't see the point in painting mine really because I don't plan on living here many more years :)

<3 Tori

Anonymous said... [reply]

I like that you looked up the meaning behind your chosen color.

Our bedroom is an eggshell color, which is a bit plain, but allows us to decorate with a fun bedspread and paintings.

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

Painting is such hard work. I like the fun purple you went with. That would be a great color to wake up too. My walls are blue. Not too dark..not too light...just perfect!

Anonymous said... [reply]

oh i like it! my room used to be plain white, but i'm big into danish modernism furniture and i went with bright white baseboard/ceiling and a light blue accent wall and used blik decal birds. i love it!

Megan D said... [reply]

The lavender looks so pretty and soothing!! My room is briiight yellow but we have to repaint it to sell our house. Oh well!

Unknown said... [reply]

i ADORE the french doors in your room! and the lavender? well, you know I love purple ;)

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

LOVE that you are rocking family guy pajama pants!!!

The color is so pretty! I love it!!

My walls in my bedroom are just a beige, nothing fancy!

Laury @The FitnessDish said... [reply]

Painting is the pits :(

I LOVEEEEEE the color though!! So tranquil and calming!!! You're making me want to re-paint my den!!!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said... [reply]

Love the color! The walls in my current room are white and boring. The walls in my room in my parents house are a really pretty blue color.

Anonymous said... [reply]

The color is beautiful!

Our bedroom's paint is actually called Peanut Butter -- and yes I basically picked it out for that. It is a deep deep tan color. It makes for a very soothing bedroom.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love the color!!! Its so very relaxing!!

My bedroom is a neutrally beige. We're renting our place now so it's not my choice. It's nice and matches well with anything but I would love to change it! I'd love to have it either a very pale yellow, or a very pale blue..... I love soft colors for the bedroom. It makes it relaxing, the way a bedroom should be :)

I bet your arm's like Popeye's now! Thats a lot of work!!!

shesarunner said... [reply]

I love the colour! It looks so pretty and peaceful. I really need to paint my bedroom...it is plain white and very dull. My entire apartment could use some fixing up actually...I just haven't had time or motivation to do it yet. When I was a little kid, my room was yellow and then when I was about 13 I changed it to light blue. Both of those colours are pretty, but my room was so juvenile so its hard for me to picture it in my room right now. Anyway, your room looks great, I hope you are happy with it! xoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]

What a pretty color! Our room is a sage color. I'm over it and would really like a different color/theme. Finding the time to redo it is a challenge though.

Popeye's arm is better than his eye right?

Crystal said... [reply]

Love the new color! The meaning of it is wonderful. :) My walls have always been white because we have always rented without being able to paint. Lame!

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

Wow that lavender looks awesome!! I'm impressed with your painting skills!

Unknown said... [reply]

I love lavendar, so soothing! Beautiful. Now that married, we have a boring tan color room, blah. But in college I had a mint lime green room, it was awesome!

Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter said... [reply]

It's gorgeous! My bedroom at home is bright green and blue. If I was going to live in it year round, I would definitely change it!

Elaine @ Om Sweet Om said... [reply]

A few years ago we had one of the walls in my room painted pale green, a bit lighter than the green in your pictures. I love that new lavender color though! It looks so soothing :)

Chelsea said... [reply]

I love the new colour! It's so fresh and calming.

I know what you mean about choosing a paint colour - there are way too many colour options! I just painted my room at home a light beige/cream colour and it took me more than a year to choose the colour! :P

T. Leah said... [reply]

Artist!! I love the colour you picked, it's so calming and gorgeous.

I wish I could pain my bedroom but we rent, and we are not allowed. It's a cream colour right now, which I suppose is better than white, however the whole apartment is the same colour.

Anonymous said... [reply]

My room's boring cream ):
LOVE the purple, it looks so good!
And oh my gosh please get me some Family guy pajamas!!!!!

Justine said... [reply]

Oh I love the lavender! My bed room is a cream color that I love! It is a little difficult to tell what color it is unless you hold up white to it, but I like that it isn't so harsh, you know?

Painting is a pain, but I think that it usually pays off in the end. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I LOVE the lavender!! It looks awesome. I've needed to paint my place since I moved in. My landlords have offered to buy everything I need, but I just dont want to do it. The color is fine, its a tan-ish kind of color, but the last tennants sucked and covered up every scratch (nomatter how tiny) with the wrong color paint. It looks horrible.

Monet said... [reply]

I hate painting too but the end result is so much fun. I love the purple on your walls. Our room is painted a deep blue/green that I love. It is so very relaxing!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I have been banned from painting at my house because I suck at it!

Love the light purple! Right now my bedroom is baby blue and I can't stand it, but turns out paying for my daughters college is more important now! :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

Pretty! My room use to be lavender but then I bought a new bedspread that didn't go with it.. so I painted it green. Haha. The green isn't quite what I wanted but it's satisfying and I'm way too lazy to go through the whole painting process again.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love the paint colour!!!

My bedroom is a muddy brown/ taupe colour and I love it!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Such a pretty color :) Mine is actually that same color! Only my mom painted a bunch of flowers on it when I was two. She is an artist, so she made my bedroom into a garden! The stems grow up from the bottom of the floor, and every single flower is unique. From stripes to swirls to poco dots. I love my mommy's creativity! It may look like a two-yr-olds room, but I still love it:)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Your room looks great now! The color's so soft and lovely. Funny that you asked - I have never thought or bothered about the color of my room before your question. It's a pale green and the sun's shining in through my window now, so it looks summery and nice!

Lori said... [reply]

Love the soft purple color! I bet your arms were tired when you were done. (you definitely could have use some of my procrastination list...) ;)

In high school I painted my room a bright pastel(ish) lime green color... I loved it. Wouldn't chose that same color now, but it worked for me at the time.

Right now I have a dark colored room, but as soon as I get a place I can paint the walls, bright colors are coming in!

Tatianna said... [reply]

four hours?! That's nothing! I've been painting at for six+ hours a day for the past couple of weeks :P I guess it's a little different when you are getting paid thought XD

... Room painting is fun! And that colour is absolutely divine. I think it's so important to have a room that is all your own where you get to pick the colour and feel like it's your personal space. Mine is currently a really dark burnt orange, and I am in love with it. It's paired with really dark antique wood and makes the whole room feel warm :)

Enjoy your precious space that took such effort to create!
<3 Tat

Samantha said... [reply]

Great color for the room! You are right-choosing colors is hard. We remodeled our living areas this past winter and picking paint was by far, the most difficult task. But, Im indecisive, so that didn't help :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

hey gorgeous girlie!!
If I could have chosen any color it definitely would have been lavender!!! i am obsessed with all shades of purple! my new room is a tan color (so boring!) this fall when I can paint it I'll be calling you for the name and brand of paint you used on your room! :) so pretty!!!
i heart you super strong chica!

erica said... [reply]

Absolutely LOVE that color!!!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing said... [reply]

Love the color :) And thank you for your sweet comment.

Anonymous said... [reply]

That lavender colour looks really calming, perfect for a bedroom!! My room is some sort of dark lavender on opposite facing walls and baby blue on the opposing walls. Yes real creative :P

Anonymous said... [reply]

Good choice for the color. It looks great!

Krista said... [reply]

I love that colour! It's the same shade I had in my room at my parents place. My room now is a plain shade of beige. We've been repainting room by room since we moved in here 2yrs ago so I'll be changing that up soon..

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