04 October 2010

Brain Food

Brain Food came in Brown Paper Bags back in elementary school

But now that I'm an adult, Brown Paper Bags 
take on a whole new meaning: MUFFINS :)

Even though I can make my own Espresso Chocolate Chip muffinsrelied 
upon the bakery-bought ones from Cascadia since I was pressed for time

There's nothing like some rocket fuel to 
help me study and finish my homework

What homework you ask???

 I set up my little Zen Den in the living room... pretending 
like my pillow is a bolster ;) Ahhh and some Tazo Ginger 
Green Teathanks to Lindsay, which added some serenity

Okay, i'll give you 5 minutes to make a tea and come
 back so we can start our study session, sound good?

Hmmm let's start with my Daily Practice Chart. This 
was for September; A lot was focused on Hatha and 
meditation with some deep cleaning belly breaths :P

Above is a basic outline of the 12 week course. Oh just realized I need
 to start making my asana posture cue cards... oops! Slacking Squirrel!

Some notes from my anatomy studies...

I love how I try to draw stick-figure examples of postures, 
that are somehow supposed to make it easier for me to...

Wow, because I clearly graduated art school...

Question: What are your Brain Foods?


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