07 November 2010

Kombucha On Tap

They finally brought GT's Kombucha Tea to the Island! Immediately, I grabbed the
(hardcore) Multi-Greenalthough I was worried I would regret that decision later...

After seeing the "Kombucha First-Timer" post on Faith, Food, and 
Fitness! Seems like there's still many of us who haven't tried Kombucha Tea

Nutrition Facts

Whole Foods even sells it on tap in certain
 cities. It's sort of like an eco-friendly brewery!

Because it's a fermented fungus, it was previously banned 
due to claims of its "alcoholic nature" I believe the law
has passed and can be purchased in the United States (right?)

First Smell: Apple Cider Vinegar

First Taste: Apple Cider Vinegar

Second Taste: Addictively sweet Apple Cider Vinegar

It all went uphill from there haha

It's an acquired taste for sure, but not bad when you get used to it. Caution, I found
Kombucha (probiotics) to cause a bit of stomach pain and bloating when you first try it

Question: Have you tried Raw
Kombucha Tea? Like or Dislike?


Anonymous said... [reply]

I JUST Tried it. At first, I hated it. But now, I like it :) Go figure!

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