06 November 2010

Breakfast of Champions

It's true, Chocolate is "The Breakfast of Champions!"

Oh Hungry?... Oh Henry!

There's a huge difference in the satiety level of junk food 
chocolate to healthier chocolate bars, but it tasted pretty good :)

For Lunch I made a Salmon Salad Sandwich Wild salmon, cottage cheese, 
capers, red onion, green onion, and black pepper on whole wheat bread

I tucked steamed spinach underneath for added greens...

Omega 3's = Nom Nom Nom

I've been so excited waiting for this next package to arrive!

 It's my Mighty Tea Travel Mug i won from the lovely Lisa

I was wondering if they would send me some 
tea to sample, and they did; A whole stash!!!

The mug has been the perfect accessory during yoga training

Lastly, a little sweet potato porn for those in need...

Putting on the fixin's. Look at that big jar of dried 
oregano and basil! Love my spices + seasonings :)

All dressed up with nowhere to go except the oven muahaha
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