31 March 2011

Crock Pot: Bison Potato Beet Stew in Miso Broth

Crock Pot Dinner: Bison Potato Beet Stew in Miso Broth

6 diced Baby Potatoes and 3 large diced Red 
Beets with 5-6 cups assorted vegetables of choice

Amano Organic Genmai Miso Paste

Miso Broth: Mix together 2 tsp Miso Paste, 3 Tbsp Bragg's Liquid Aminos
6-8 cups water, 2 diced Garlic cloves, and a dash each of Seasonings (ie. Thyme, 
Rosemary, Oregano, Paprika, Cumin, Coriander, Cayenne Pepper & Black Pepper)

Lastly, I added 6-8 oz. Lean Bison Meat

Cover and Cook for 6-8 hours on Low Heat

Fast forward a few hours later... 

The vegetables I used, besides potatoes and beets, were
 beet greens, green beans, celery, gai-lan, and red onions

Stew yields approximately 6 servings


LauraJayne said... [reply]

I love foods with miso - even just miso soup - but I've been too cheap to buy it! I love your recipe idea and with beets it would be divine!

Asha at Adventure's in Ashaland said... [reply]

THAT looks sooo amazing!!!!!!! I love stews...and my favorite meat is bison. What a great way to add some Japanese flavors as well with the miso. GENIUS!!!!!!!!

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said... [reply]

I have never ever thought about beets in a stew or soup. That looks so pretty, and delicious!

Missy said... [reply]

Yum....add some more miso at the end if you want the enzyme goodies, though. They get destroyed during cooking but sometimes you just need the flavah-flave.

Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

This looks so good, Kelsey!! You are my savior because I have a whole bunch of potatoes and beets that I didn't know what to do with! And I love my crockpot-use it all the time

LeQuan said... [reply]

Oh my gosh, Kelsey. I don't eat bison, but boy are you tempting me with this incredible looking stew. Love the addition of the beets, just brings out such beautiful color, doesn't it?

N said... [reply]

wow amazing, look at the color of that stew! and it looks so healthy and delicious =)

Holly @ The Runny Egg said... [reply]

That stew is so beautiful! I love the colors.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Oooooooooooooooh that looks good!!!! I love the flavour of miso. Umami makes me happy.

Alex said... [reply]

oh my god i have the same crock pot! how cool!!!:))and that looks sooo good!

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

I lov the color of the broth--So vibrant! Did it stain your mouth red?

Bison is one of my favorite meats, but I've never used it in a stew. Since it's so lean, I bet it's even tastier after being simmered in flavorful juices. Mmm!

Chelsea said... [reply]

Seeing you cook with bison all the time makes me really want to try it but I've never seen it sold around here! I love other game meats, so I'm sure bison must be good too!

Anonymous said... [reply]

BISON?! where do you find that?! does it taste much different than beef?


We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

What a beautiful unique soup!! I love bison and this just looks delicious to me :)


Anonymous said... [reply]

ohh looks beautiful and delicious. I have never eaten bison, it looks so good. I just googled and never knew how healthy it was.. I have however had plenty of buffalo curd/yogurt made from buffalo milk (buffalo=sri lankan bison) and its amazing! I think you would love it.

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