14 May 2011

Chiquita and Pita

Do you ever have those mornings when you have no idea what to make for 
breakfast? The odd time when I don't know what to eat, I'll just grab a couple Bananas!

2 Organic Chiquita Bananas

Organic Green Tea in my new used Rose Bud 
Tea Cup I bought from Value Village for 99 cents

After running some errands, I was craving a Pita Pocket Sandwich

3/4 Pita Bread stuffed and baked

The filling consisted of scrambled eggs, leeks,
mushrooms, onion, soy sauce, ginger, and pepper

Baked for 5 minutes @ 365 Fahrenheit 

And no day is complete without a little snacking...

Cinnamon Raisin Raw Organic Food Bar

Dinner was a similar version of the Potato and Tofu Roasted Vegetables

 Instead of gai lan, I used zucchini and collard greens

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Today was one of those mornings where I had a hard time choosing what to have for breakfast. Oat bran with bananas and strawberries were the final choice :D I could never just eat two bananas for breakfast, I would probably faint :))
Your pita stuffing sounds great!

Tine said... [reply]

I've never had no idea what to make for breakfast. I mostly find it difficult to choose what I'm gonna eat: oatmeal, toast with banana, toast with syrup, a buckwheat bake, an oatmeal pancake, a smoothie, ...

Too many possibilities!

Sara Maia said... [reply]

Fruit is a major go-to snack for me when I'm stuck on what to eat.
Lunch looks delicious. I've got a tonne of pitta breads needed to be used (I usually opt for the same filling each time), but you've got me thinking of new ways to fill'em :)

Unknown said... [reply]

pitas make it possible for us to fill with anything and everything, i love that! I sometimes stuff pitas with yogurt and banana and almond butter. mmmmmm.

Holly @ The Runny Egg said... [reply]

I just love bananas -- and the ones you have are perfect -- yellow with some brown spots :)

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said... [reply]

That rose cup is so cute!

Chelsea said... [reply]

I've had a hard time deciding what to have for breakfast lately too. Usually I just opt for oatmeal when I can't decide!

J3nn said... [reply]

Love the pretty rose cup!

Your pics are stunning. Do you use a tripod or are you that stable? Lol

Anonymous said... [reply]

i love the rose cup! Sometime used things are the best! That pita looks awesome btw. Great fillings!

Felicia (Natural + Balanced) said... [reply]

you are making me crave pitas, haven't had them in forever and they are perfect for lunch!

GF Gidget said... [reply]

Your meals always look so yummy! If I am ever in BC again, I am totally hitting you up for a veggie "bowl meal"!

Mary @ Bites and Bliss said... [reply]

I love that roasted veggie bowl. I looks so good! Is that swiss chard or callard greens? My mom makes sauteed callards greans and their so yummy.

Erica said... [reply]

I definitely have those mornings where everything sounds just OK...nothing jumps out! Fruits always a good go to :) mmm I totally need to try making my own pita pockets- what a fabulous idea!

Ellie@fitforthesoul said... [reply]

hehe I just had one of those mornings today! :P When that happens, I usually fall back on oats (they're always good no matter what) or like today, toast with nut butter, fruit, and greek yogurt as toppings. have a beautiful day!

Samantha said... [reply]

Hello,I am curious to know how Green Cuisine is recovering, know anything?

Hayley said... [reply]

when I don't know what to have for breakfast, i mix together berries, goat yogurt, and 1/2 of a protein bar. Always does the trick!
Thanks for your sweet comment. Thinking of you too love

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray said... [reply]

I adore your tea cup and love it that it was 99 cents! love those finds!

sarah (onedayiwillseethesun) said... [reply]

never thought to fill a pitta with scrambeled egg thanks for the idea. I usually stuff it with cottage cheese or houmous.

vesper said... [reply]

That cup is beautiful! I love Value Village =)

chow and chatter said... [reply]

nice and healthy and love the tea cups

We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

Adorable mug!!! I quite often have a banana for breakfast when I'm starving but in a rush to get out the door :)


Jess said... [reply]

I love grabbing a piece of fruit for a snack--i love banana + pb!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

been TOO long since ive come over and said hey to your beautiful face! hope you are doing wonderful my love!

Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food said... [reply]

mmm I love the look of all of your eats and your photography is exquisite!

one question - what did you do with the other 1/4 of your pita? ;) hehe

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week! :)

Meri said... [reply]

That raw bar looks really good- nice and chewy! I'll have to track them down.

Ada said... [reply]

In moments of indecision I too tend to gravitate towrads bananas. The eggs in pita look great as well!

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said... [reply]

That bowl of veggies look great! When I can't decide what to eat for breakfast I usually just grab a Larabar. And a banana, always a banana :)

LeQuan said... [reply]

I love your tea cup, it's so adorable!

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