03 August 2011

Vancouver Part One: Destination Cloverdale

Driving onto the Ferry, on route to Vancouver

Gorgeous sunny weather

Everyone enjoying the views

If you look closely, you can see the guy laying down, sun tanning

Top of the Ferry

"Goodbye Victoria"

This guy decided to whip out his Violin and play... don't ask ;)

Driving off the Ferry

Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

So random! It's a fruit picking vehicle haha

Gorgeous views


Train crossing...

Travelling to Surrey B.C.

Fruiticana truck... Clearly, people here love their fruit!

In Surrey, on way to Cloverdale

Cloverdale: Home of Smallville, TV show

That's right, home of the hottest man alive
Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman, actor Tom Welling 

Driving to my oldest brother's townhouse

"Home Sweet Home"


Basement which is being renovated

Heading up to the main floor (Garage on the opposite side)

Living room... yes, my brother keeps his bike indoors haha

Hallway Bathroom

My computer, work, and blogging station


Dining room

The Patio

Overlooking the park

Heading upstairs

My brother's bedroom

He has a TV in his room, no fair! :)

En suite bathroom

Spacious closet

Main floor hallway

Hidden Laundry Space; Washer and Dryer

My brother's office and computer room

He loves his computers

My bedroom/guest room  

My closet and bathroom

We've come to the end of our tour, I hope you enjoyed it!
 Now, I'm off to get groceries and explore the neighbourhood :)


Leah @ Why Deprive? said... [reply]

Pretty sure you're like five minutes away from me. I've always wondered what those townhouses looked like on the inside.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Vancouver is on my list of places I would love to travel to. The views from the ferry are beautiful and the scenery looks so peaceful. I look forward to seeing more photos of your visit. Have a wonderful time.

Travelbug said... [reply]

I'm so jealous!!!! I've never been to vancouver, it drives me crazy i can fly to rome for the same price as it would cost me to fly from toronto to bc :oP
Nice tour, can't wait to see more pictures!

Jess said... [reply]

That is a beautiful home!

Vancouver seems gorgeous!!

LauraJayne said... [reply]

Loved the tour - looks so pretty and green there!

Lauren said... [reply]

Great tour! haha :)

vesper said... [reply]

Vancouver is so beautiful!! And green =)
Lovely house, by the way =)

Sarah@The Flying Onion said... [reply]

Such pretty pictures! I've never been to Vancouver, so I love reading about your travels. :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

Is the whole Canada so beautiful? And obviously not as hot as some other parts of the world... And the house is so cool, too! I'm jealous :P .

Ameena said... [reply]

Vancouver is really one of the most beautiful places I've ever traveled to...it's been 8 years and I still remember how much I loved it!

rachel said... [reply]

I need to go to the other side of the country at some point, it's so beautiful. I loved the photographic journey, and I can't believe that's where Smallville is! Your brother's house is really nice :) xoxo

Grace said... [reply]

Wow the views are so pretty! I had no idea that Smallville was shot in Canada! The condo is great! Very much my style!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love all the photos of your journey over. I never get to take photos like that because I'm always the one driving! And your bro has a great place - I'm a big fan of the flooring :)

Hope you have a great stay on my side of the water. If you have some free time and need something to do, message me and we can get up to something fun!

We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

Haha love that you gave us a whole tour! The house looks fabulous and the trip over looked fun, too!


Anonymous said... [reply]

oooo looks lovely! I hope you have a good time :) (I love the fruit truck btw)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Great kitchen!!!! I am all about kitchens :-)

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