29 December 2011

Petits Desserts

It's the middle of the afternoon when your sweet tooth pulls you to the pantry 
with a bad case of the munchies; Low and behold, there's nothing but stale crackers 
and canned soup! This is a situation we've all come across and can easily relate to

The remedy? I headed for the Christmas candy leftover under the tree

 200 gram box of Lindt Petits Desserts

Tiramisu, Meringue, Crème Brûlée, Millefeuille and Lemon Tart

Contains: 21 assorted fine dark, milk and white filled chocolates

Let's have a look inside to see what I want :)

Oh la la! So beautiful!

Each one looks like a piece of art, dainty and sophisticated in its own right

Although I was tempted to have a bite of each, like I usually do 
when I can't decide, I chose to try the desserts least common to me...

The meringue, millefeuille and whatever the smooth, round dark
 chocolate sphere was. They were all quite delicious, but I would have 
preferred a less pretentious, simple chunk of dark chocolate instead haha 

Question: Do you have a secret stash of candies, 
chocolates and sweets hidden away for "emergencies"?


Anonymous said... [reply]

I have too much chocolate anyway so I don't ned to hide it :) .

Jessica said... [reply]

I get through chocolate/candies far too quickly to ever have any stashed away...I would have eaten the whole box in one sitting. Bad Jessica.

The Tirimisu (sp?) one sounds particularly lovely!


Anonymous said... [reply]

yes! I have a chocolate stash for emergencies but also just for everyday chocolate need...I keep bits of it hidden around the house so that it is always within reach lol!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

No hidden stash, but we usually have something chocolate in our freezer because we never finish anything I bake.

Anonymous said... [reply]

christmas time without chocolate just isn't the same! glad you got to enjoy your share, as i'm certainly enjoying mine! <3


Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

Oh, I definitely have a secret chocolate stash. You never know when I night of intense studying will require a chocolate kick to keep you going.

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