18 July 2012

Canada Day Calgary

Here's a post that's long overdue...

I've been so busy with work that it's taken me so long to catch up, so here
 are some photos I took July 1st of the Canada Day celebrations in Calgary

Prince's Island Park

Sugar-coated mini donuts


Plenty of music for all ages

Big screen in the background

The children's stage

Canada Day music and artist line-up

"Get Your Turban On!" ... "Come experience the true essence of the turban!"

An unusual station that allows people to 
experience what it's like to wear a turban

People getting their turban on haha

Reece sitting by the river


I caught you!

Overlooking the bridge

Absolutely gorgeous 

Me sitting on the rocks

Summer sandals

Reece and I

He was uninterested by my copious amounts of self-photos

Running along the river

Posing among nature

We finished the day by hitting up Tim Horton's
 for a Large No Sugar Latte and a Large Iced Coffee

Question: How did you celebrate 
Canada Day or The Fourth of July?


Anonymous said... [reply]

Bullet proof turban

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I celebrated Canada day at home cooking and drinking and eating while watching the fire works amidst the thunderstorm :-) It was nice.

Anonymous said... [reply]

how fun! happy canada day! those mini donuts look terrific:) i celebrated the Fourth at our family reunion! :)

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