24 October 2013

Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of frozen foods, but when I saw that Thrifty Foods
(Owned by Sobey's) now carries Gluten Free Pizza, I had to try it out!

Gluten Free 8-inch Margherita Frozen Pizza

$4.99 and sweetened with cane sugar, with no added milk ingredients

There were no baking instructions so I guestimated the 
oven temperature for 380 Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes 

In the oven you go my friend...

Tip: Spray the baking sheet with oil before so it doesn't break in half like mine did!

This pizza passed my taste test and was extremely flavourful and savory, yet light and 
airy at the same time. I'm more of a thick-crust girl so I was surprised with the results!

Question: What is your favorite frozen pizza brand?


Anonymous said... [reply]

It looks really good! I usually go to a local pizza place or whole foods when I have a pizza craving, but I do like Amy's Frozen pizzas.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I've been told by many people that all of the new gluten free pizzas we have are great. I haven't tried them myself yet - I'm totally eyeing up the mushroom one, because I love me some mushrooms. I almost bought one on the way home yesterday because it had a coupon...but then I forgot. HA! Next time :)

Wendy said... [reply]

Long time, no see! I'm working on a review of Russo's gluten-free frozen pizzas right now. They're definitely up there on my list of favorites. The one you posted looks really good, too...I think the Russo's have more oil and a thinner crust (I'm a thick crust fan.) I wish I could get the two side by side :) The more pizza, the better, right?

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