15 March 2015

Creating My Creature Comforts

Step One: Bra comes off. Ladies, you know what I mean! ;)

Step Two: Drink plenty of water. This makes anyone feel better

Step Three: Hang out in nature, dance, stretch, hug a tree!

Step Four: Phone a friend and talk for hours...about anything and nothing

Step Five: Enjoy tea and enjoy it often, herbal or otherwise

Step Six: Put on your favorite housecoat,
 paint your nails. Don't be the black sheep ;)

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Give yourself rest 
and plenty of laughter. Rejuvinate in the ways that make you 
feel fulfilled and happy about your life. Because, you deserve it!

Question: How will you comfort yourself today?


Marcela said... [reply]

hi! Thanks for your post! Today I took long walk and went to the gym. I love this tea you have! This is one of my favorites!

Unknown said... [reply]

So true! We all need a moment to breath and relax! :-) it's always fun with the cute pics!

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