05 March 2015

Deformed Protein Bar

Starving, I ripped into my Builder's Bar only to find this...

It seems there was a manufacturing malfunction as my bar
 was thin, half it's width and only 1/4 was semi-properly formed

How a Builder's Bar should look

I mean it still had it's peanuty-deliciousness but was too airy and left me hungry for more

Disappointing but it made for a good chuckle!


The Foodie Physician said... [reply]

Weird! You should send a picture to the Clif Bar, maybe they'll hook you up with some freebies!

Gingi said... [reply]

LOL.. poor thing. I hope you ate it so it didn't get it's feelings hurt. ;-) - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

Dannii said... [reply]

You should have tweeted them - you might have got some free ones ;)

Dannii - Hungry Healthy Happy

Unknown said... [reply]

That bar was definitely out of shape! Maybe you should tweet them like Dannii said! haha

Raise Your Garden said... [reply]

Hmmmm, we eat protein bars so quickly that I highly we'd even note it was deformed. I can eat like 10 at a time.

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