01 November 2018

Mental Health and Eating Disorder Recovery

Those of you who have followed Snacking Squirrel over the past 8 years have seen me blog on occasion about my mental health struggles. You may remember my mood disorders post or my diagnosis with Celiac disease. As I've grown up, and you've grown up with me, I feel comfortable to share and open up more about my recovery as a means to help expand the dialogue of mental health and mental health disorders.

When I began blogging back in April of 2010, I was embarking on a long journey to heal from a serious eating disorderDiagnosed with anorexia and bulimia at the time, I took comfort in creating a blog and healing my relationship with food through daily food logs. I maintained an image of someone who was trying their best, putting their heart out, and nourishing a community of like minded people. I met others along the way who opened up about their own struggles and the brave nature in which they revealed themselves helped me feel confident that I too can be that open. Now, more than ever, I feel ready to share with all of you that I was once in a dark place and needing help and Snacking Squirrel has grown me into the confident woman I am, and still becoming, today. I am at a healthy weight, I eat balanced meals and I am what doctors would call a 'recovery success story'. I am still a work in progress nonetheless but each day, month and year brings more awareness and peace of mind.

Additionally, I eluded in this post that I have borderline personality disorder. A highly stigmatized and serious mental disorder marked by persistent unstable moods, difficulties with identity and interpersonal relationships. I'm in an intensive DBT therapy group which helps me learn skills to manage my disorder and build my life back up and I'm happy to share that I am feeling stronger mentally in addition to physically. I had brief struggles with addiction, common in those with BPD and have also received and still receiving help for that. There were times when I stopped blogging completely and disconnected from the blogging world, and those were dark times when maybe reaching out would have helped. Although I don't post or follow other blogs as I once did, I return to this platform and continue my journey forward for those who find solace in my blog posts.

As I move forward and step into today, I have hope for my tomorrows. My life is rooting more firmly in the ground so to speak and my faith in my road ahead in strong. I hope to inspire others to heal, recover, and be the best versions of themselves. As a mental health and addictions advocate I see the worth in sharing our stories and connecting with those who share similar passions. Together we can heal. And I'm always an email or comment away if you need to reach out and share your story with me too. 

Lastly, to all those who have followed me from the start, thank you and much honor for your dedication. To all those new or coming back, thank you for choosing to spend time with me and I welcome you.

Lot's of love xo Kelsey


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I've been following you all along <3 Love your blog!

Unknown said... [reply]

love you miss!!! @Jolene - EverydayFoodie

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