18 April 2010

Chakra Hiking

My mom and I planned to go hiking up Mt. Doug this morning. We wanted to switch up our Sunday morning run because next weekend is the Times Colonist 10km race. Hiking will hopefully give our muscles that extra boost to push harder through the race and challenge our previous times.

I thought this was a good time to try out 'The Chakra Bar' I bought yesterday.

Nutrition Facts are based on 1/2 the bar. Probably not the best for someone looking to lose weight, but otherwise its a great breakfast or meal on the go.

Though the picture doesn't do it justice, the spirulina made it a beautiful green color. It tasted really good, medium sweetless and an oaty flavor.

The hike was fairly easy, and you couldn't ask for better weather. Felt so nice sitting on the rocks and looking out into the ocean.

Had some more split pea soup for lunch.

It was pretty thick today, but delicious as usual.

Cut up some pineapple for dinner... then may have went for seconds :P

Eek i'm so sleepy. Felt like a lazy sunday. Hopefully there's something good on tv tonight. Have a great evening little squirrel readers !!!


alex said... [reply]

what is in that little bar that makes it so high in cal?! You most likely burned it all of hiking anyways!!!!!

It's cool to see your bar translated into french....that is it right?? i am so used to spanish (not a fan of spanish - doesn't help it was forced down my throat in high school and I'm in Texas...that's all I see hahaha)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Such a pretty view... makes me want to go on a hike! Unfortunate because I live in a concrete jungle...

<3 <3

Kelsey Ann said... [reply]

@ Alex:
i think it could be the almond butter that makes it high cal? .. weird. and yea we're bilingual french/english here. good job for noticing!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I understood most of the French, took it in high school and some in college. Helps that Spanish is my first language.

That view is stunning.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

whoa that bar looks seriously good and i love the wide open nature pics! beautiful!

Unknown said... [reply]

This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! That bar looks delicious, though a bit high in calories. I'll be back :)

Jessie said... [reply]

I love how you and your mom go running and hiking together. What wonderful bonding time! The weather seemed perfect for your hike, too.

There's really nothing like a lazy Sunday :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Your hike looks like it was a beautiful one. I love the shot of the open ocean :)

Hope your week is starting out great.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Hey girl - what a beautiful hike. Sounds like a super nice day to me!

tara said... [reply]

I love hiking!! The view you ha was absolutely beautiful! I cant get over the different shades in the sky and the fluffly white clouds! That looks like a perfect hiking bar!! Have a lovely day! <3 <3

lynn @ the actors diet said... [reply]

oooh those chakra bars look delicious!

Erica said... [reply]

hahah- I enjoy that the first ingredient is love <3 What a beautiful hike. Split pea soup is amazing. I recently made and had it for the first time...I'm in lurve :)

Lauren said... [reply]

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post <3

Such a beautiful hike! I get so envious of people from BC at times, I almost did my undergrad at UBC or U Vic but in the end I went to the opposite side of the country at Dal. Its also beautiful there..but I've never been to BC and would still really love to go.

I tried that chakra bar once and really liked it. I love the natural ingredients list.

Katie said... [reply]

Beautiful spot! I can't wait to go for a long hike again.

Anonymous said... [reply]

That hike looks so peaceful!

Michal said... [reply]

That bar looks so yummy, i have never heard of it before. I really like how the first ingredient is love :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love that "love" is an ingredient in the bar!

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