13 July 2010

Two Eggs n' Two Holes

"If people were meant to pop out 
of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters."

Breakfast was a Lynn inspired creation...

I used some gluten-free rice bread and doubled up the recipe :)

The slices were quite small, so I found an egg 
holder which was the perfect cookie egg cutter

Dash of pepper and a nice hot pan!

After a quick flip or two it was ready...

Lynn, you made my morning! I'm so happy it turned out 
better than I expected. Will definitely be making more of these :)

Question: Lately, what's your favourite way
 to enjoy Eggs for Breakfast? Or Tofu if you're Veg?


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

My son loves this too! Toad in the hole...where in the world did that name come from? I LOVE omelets. I can never get enough of them! Your eggs look delicious!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I loooove eggs. My favorite kind of eggs are poached, and I love eating poached eggs over breakfast hash with sweet potatoes. Yum!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Ok, I love you. I've always wondered how these were made when I saw them on blogs--now I know! thanks!

Anonymous said... [reply]

LOVE EGGS IN A BASKET!!! sooo delish, right? they are good in pita bread too!!

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

OMG - love that quote b/c it's soooooo true. My hubby makes those and calls them Toad in a Hole. I am not a big egg fan at all. I did discover, however, that I can handle egg whites vs a whole egg.

Anonymous said... [reply]

My last egg was over 25 years ago!

Kittie said... [reply]

MMM. I love those! I love omelets too!

Krista said... [reply]

I make those eggs for the kids ALL THE TIME! It's their fave! ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Nice egg in a hole! My mommy used to make these for me all the time. But anyway, eggs are one of my favorite foods! I eat them about every morning! Lately I've been making egg sandwiches (kinda like a healthy egg mcmuffin!)

By the way, tell me if you check Nucca out. I'd love to know what you think bout it and if there is someone near you that practices. I found the website on a quick search: www.nucca.org Pretty easy website name....I Guess NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Justine said... [reply]

I'm not picky when it comes to the cooking method just as long as the yolk is runny and there is plenty if salt, pepper, and toast. Now you've got me craving eggs. :)

alex said... [reply]

oh my gosh, veg soup... I so have to try that and will pick up bananas asap!! THANK YOU!!!

Ginger really grosses me out....I can do "ginger" ale but that's it lol!!!

I can't wait to try these other alternatives...that are 1000% healthier than grease food!

oh gosh, 5'7"!!!! I wish I was taller than 5'2" ish....all legs is good ;)

I LOVE that first quote up top!!! Made me laugh out loud!!!

that egg thing is nuts, my husband and I are going to have to try that!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I don't eat eggs for breakfast too often, except one in a while on the weekends. But when I do have them, I like them scrambled (sometimes with some spinach scrambled into them), or hard-boiled. Hard-boiled eggs are such a great snack to have on hand.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Haha I love that quote!!

<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

eggs in a frame :0 :) :P hahaha guess what....I am having a sweet potato this week!

as a kid i use to make sunny up eggs and tear bread up in a bowl and mash it all together! lol

Anonymous said... [reply]

Tofu scramble or scrambled eggs + ketchup = happy jaclyn

Chelsea said... [reply]

I never have eggs for breakfast because I have too much of a sweet tooth in the mornings. But I just tried your egg and kale wrap for lunch and I'm in love with it!!! You are a genius!

Sara said... [reply]

I LOVE eggs! Usually I like them for lunch or dinner - I gotta have sweet oats for breakfast.

I like eggs any way, but my favorite is egg in a hole or over easy - as long as the yolk is runny, I'm good :)

Unknown said... [reply]

I think those are called toad in a hole and I think they're great!

But my favourite eggs are either poached or medium boiled! :o)

Anonymous said... [reply]

After hating runny yolks and eggs in general my entire life, I amazingly love a good runny yolk on sourdough with tomatoes and melted cheddar. :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

I want to try that egg in the toast so badly! I might just buy some bread and eggs tomorrow...

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

haha I love that opening quote!!!
I love poached eggs....with hollaindaise sauce if I am feeling naughty :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love my eggs sunny side up!

Autumn @ Good Eats Girl said... [reply]

What a fun breakfast! I need to try this!

Megan D said... [reply]

That quote is hilarious! I never have eggs for breakfast, usually just for dinner, but I love tofu and spinach in eggs!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Teeheehee <3 that quote! Your eggs look so cute in those holey toasts!

Alycia @ Fit n Fresh said... [reply]

I loveee those! Except my mother always called them one eyed jacks! Cute quote too (:

Anonymous said... [reply]

i LOVE eggs but dont care to eat them in the morning for some reason. i enjoy a big ol' dindin scramble.

this is a super fun recipe! i wonder if you could make it into a sammy with some veggies and fake bacon in the middle. next project ?!?! :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Aww that is so cute! Little egg toasts. I love it! If I ate eggs, I would totally try it. I've seen Rachel Ray do something like that on TV (this was years ago...yes I watched RR...don't mock me! She is loud and crazy, but somewhat entertaining somehow?)

As for tofu, I actually just made a tofu recipe! It was based on Averie's sesame ginger maple tofu from her website and it turned out really good. I've also tried "tofu scramble" which is supposed to taste like eggs or be a substitution for scrambled eggs. I ate it at Fresh on their brunch menu one weekend with my then-boyfriend who was NOT a vegan or a vegetarian in anyway. I liked the scramble because I don't even remember what scrambled eggs taste like, but he said it was gross (I guess he was expecting it to be eggy).

have a good night lovely xoxo

Crystal said... [reply]

I love just scrambling egg whites with salsa, spinach, and cheese. Delicious!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I really want to try Lynn's recipe when I get home...this looks so good! I usually like scrambled eggs with spinach and sundried tomatoes. My absolute favorite combination!!

I still need to try this type of gluten-free bread...

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

LOVE that quote..my day always goes bad when I have to "pop" out of bed.

I haven't had eggs or tofy in the AM lately..but yours sure looks good!! I don't remember the last time I made eggs that way..it was my FAV when I as a kid, i loved poking into the yolk over some toast, ahhhh...the memories!

for some reason I can only log in as my old account, idk why...


Unknown said... [reply]

oh I love poached eggs and GF toast with fresh tomato, a little goat cheese, and basil on top. SO good! I lve my egg cooker too. hehe!

Clean Eating Chelsey said... [reply]

I will not lie - I am not a tofu for breakfast kind of girl. I cannot get past my oats. It's a horrible thing (okay, I lied, it's okay) but if I don't have oats in the morning I spend the entire day THINKING about having oats the next morning.

Some may call it an obsession, I just call it <3

Christina said... [reply]

i love the quote! i just made mini fritattas!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Sleep in a toaster, hahaha.

I m crazy about eggs and I ll definitely try your way!

Monet said... [reply]

I love a simple scrambled egg with a toasted english muffin and a tall glass of orange juice. I'm getting hungry just writing this!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I have been wanting to make these FOREVER! I love eggs. Lately my obsession has been egg sandwiches :)


Anonymous said... [reply]

I actually don't like eggs, weird but I never have. I like pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast!

Anonymous said... [reply]

The title of your post brings something completely dirty to my mind, but we're definitely not going there.

I'm not a big fan of having anything but oats for breakfast, but I DO love putting an egg white in my oats, so that counts, right? :) Eggs in a basket are great, though. Have you tried putting some avocado on those babies? Pure bliss, I tell ya :)

ac said... [reply]

Eggs = best eaten when scrambled with a dash of brown sugar and diced tomatoes. I kid you not. It's love.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love that quote - had tho share with the hubby! I rarely have eggs for breakfast - usually lunch or dinner time! I love omelette or scramble style with veg.

lynn said... [reply]

yay! so glad that you tried them and liked them.

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

omg 6th grade "home economics" class...we made those!! kid you not with a slab of real butter burning on the bottom of pans, we then made eggs in a basket..i can still "smell" it...20 yrs later!

your comment about honey and beegan v. not. (love beegan!) but anyway...yeah i had a few interesting comments about it, some vegans really up in arms about it but whatever :) wished they could have read your comment!

thx for your flavor pick too :)

Karin said... [reply]

I've never made eggs in a whole though I've always wanted to. I really like eggs which is also the main reason why it would be tough to become a vegan. I have no favourite way of making them. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh i love eggs in a basket since i saw V for Vendetta! have you seen it?
today i made a tofu scramble that was to die for!! it had spinach, corn, onion and jalapeño. very good :D

Sarah said... [reply]

Hey lovely lady, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry to hear that your alignment causes you pain. Glad you're doing yoga, and I would def visit a physio and a chiro to try to get it sorted :)

I'm not really a savoury kind of gal when it comes to breakfast... back in the day I did quite like an omelette every now and again. xxx

Brandi said... [reply]

I LOVE eggs in a hole :) I just love eggs. I really enjoy them over easy on oatbran with beans, salsa, and avocado.

Simply Life said... [reply]

that's such a creative way to enjoy eggs! I love it!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I really like that mug and saucer combo!

Katie said... [reply]

I love toast with a cooked egg and melted cheese! My favorite omelet is eggwhites with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and feta. I get it every time!

T. Leah said... [reply]


I haven't had eggs in a hole since I was a kid!

I love to eat scrambled egg whites mixed in salsa! Yum Yum!

Artemis said... [reply]

For breakfast I love eggs scrambled with herbs (lots of basil!), but for everyother meal I like a good sunny-side-up so all the yolky goodness can richen up the dish with its nutrients!

Lele said... [reply]

HAHAHA how have I never heard that quote? It's perfect!

I love eggs. So many ways. Probably poached is my fave, but you're reminding me I haven't had eggs in a hole in forever. I like it Mark Bittman's way, with lots of butter and balsamic mmmm.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I don't do eggs in the AM but if I did, I would love a tofu scramble (I saw a great one on someone's blog the other day). I have never heard that quote before about the toaster! I love it and am using it in the future!


Anonymous said... [reply]

I used to LOVE having eggs that way! Its so cool! And yummy!
I like egg whites with salsa....
That may be eating disordered reasons though...
Really.... I like omelets with lots of veggies in it!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love eggs, but I cant eat them often because of allergies. My favorite way to eat them is poached on toast. So good!

Anonymous said... [reply]

hahaha I love that quote!! My goodness girl, all your comments. How do you find the time to read and comment on everyone's blog?! I need some pointers haha

Sophia Lee said... [reply]

The PERFECT way to eat eggs, in my opinion, is to soft-boil them, and douse them in a bit of soy sauce....scooping up that runny yolk, or dipping toast into it...Mmmm....

libidiny said... [reply]

i like to take an organic chicken sausage and pulse it in a food processor (to make it like crumbled sausage). i then brown it in a small skillet, then add two beaten eggs, flipping it once.

i like to call it a 'meatlette.' :)

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