12 July 2010

Organic Islands Festival

Organic Islands Festival

My parents and I biked out to the festival since it isn't too far away. The Organizers posted signs all over the city to map out routes for bikers to get there, cool huh!

haha, Mother and Son randomly sword fighting...

There were many different tasting venues 


Sign for my Veggie bloggers...

The event is held at Glendale Gardens which is beautiful

Talk about edible landscape; ripening apricots!

There was a Chiropractor there doing digital readings of posture alignment. I really wanted to test it out. Basically learnt that i'm a hunched over freak I should probably see a physiotherapist in the near future lol

Next up, organic vodka?

No, I didn't go in. You had to pay too (so much for false advertising). You know how children have play stations in malls... I guess this is the grown-up version of that huh...

Shane Philips band.. these guys were GOOD!

There were some chickens there too...

And lot's of raw food

Mom and I shared a cacao goji brownie bar from Cafe Bliss

Vancouver raw food store and restaurant, Organic Lives, also came to the island to showcase some of their products

My Dad was itching for some coconut water!

And I was itching for...


Dad got the Salt Spring Lamb Smokie and Mom got the Organic Chicken, both on whole wheat

You may be thinking, "I wonder if Kelsey got the Veggie Dog..."

Sorry to disappoint. I got the Organic Chicken too, wrapped in a corn tortilla (that was the only wheat-less option)

I put on spicy mustard, ketchup, caramelized onions, and sauerkraut

I wish the chicken sausage was larger! Six dollars for a little wiener haha!

When we were leaving I noticed this other stand that was selling Burgers. They had more gluten-free options too! Damn it lol

We're very conscious of pollution and recycling in Victoria...

Lastly, just a little stamp photo...

I was bummed that I couldn't find the face painting booth!
 My inner child was very disappointed!

Question: Should I go see a
physiotherapist or a chiropractor?
Have you gone to either
and did it work for you?


Anonymous said... [reply]

Victoria seems to have so many vegan options!! I never knew this till your blog :) All the more reason to visit!!! I too agree that that's a small weiner for six dollars!!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Looks like such a fun outing! I have never been to either, so it is hard to say. I have always thought that going to the chiropractor would feel so good!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Victoria has such cute little events! I love all the ones that you've shared on your blog- I wish I could come. I especially love the raw foods stands and all the little sample size packages. So cute.
Hmm. I've never been to a chiropractor but I've been to a PT for my knee pain from running. It helped a little, but I was supposed to keep doing the stretches they prescribed and I didn't...so I still have knee pain. That's my fault though. If you're in pain, it might help for you to go so a chiro or PT. Or if you want to investigate and see what the "hunch" thing is all about, and how it affects you. It might be good to talk to an expert.
Hope you get it figured out. xoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]

Six bucks?? Wow, hopefully that was a dang tasty little sausage :) other than that everything looks like a lot of fun!
Regarding the chiro- I think something like this can be truly beneficial for not only your body, in terms of posture and muscle sustainment, but also for your confidence! Dancing for almost 10 years has helped me create not only strong muscles, but also helped me with forming a positive body image and self esteem. Once you´re able to hold your body up straight and strong you will feel like a whole different person!

xoxo Mel

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hey Kelsey!! thanks for your support, your comments really mean lot to me :) is nice to knowi have bloggie friends who care about me :)
Seems like you had a great time at the festival! I'd never thought of having a hot dog in a corn tortilla but why not? and that brownie looks good :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

oh my god that fair looks amazing. i am so jealous you people have things like that in the states. all we get are some crappy markets where you get lousy produce! can i come???

Anonymous said... [reply]

Looked like so much fun! I think your little chicken hot dog is so cute..haha.

Meg said... [reply]

That looks like so much fun, and that sword fighting Mom and Son, TOO cute! Love it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Never been to either... but my oh my does that brownie look amazing!

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

How fun. Sounds like a great day to me - and what a gorgeous venue for the event. I've never been to either so I have no advice. Sorry... How are your legs holding up with exercise? Still heavy and sluggish?

Anonymous said... [reply]

What a fabulous post. I wish I had events like this! Looks like a good time.

Kris said... [reply]

What a ball of fun you had this weekend!!! I love the pics!!

Ok, I would totally rock the chiro, just because I believe everything can be fixed with your back. My chiro is very cool and made a world of difference for me :) That is my vote! hehe


alex said... [reply]

i am so freakin' jealous! Why doesn't Houston have this stuff???

HOW tall are you?! You've got some legs on ya :D thats good btw :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

Make me one with everything lolol.
Nice pictures seems like you had a great time! def will be looking online for some similar events. I live close to NYC I have a feeling it'll be easier to locate something there.

Anonymous said... [reply]

sauerkraut and mustard = best dog! What a great event!

I think chiropractors are useless. I have a friend who has gone to one every month for years, and swears by them. However, she keeps needing to go back and its not cheap!

Anonymous said... [reply]

You're so lucky to have all these great health food events in your area! I haven't heard of any in mine :( but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough? I don't know. I'd love to go, though, especially if it were in a beautiful garden like that :)

I've never been to a PT or chiro, but my mom has because of an injury she got from an accident a few years back, and it didn't really help her that much. If you're not experiencing any problems, I don't think it's really necessary

Anonymous said... [reply]

What a fun day! I love how eco friendly it is especially with the biking maps there. And the Hotties Hotdogs place is too cute (I love the Buddhist joke!) Looks like a fabulous day--I would be pissed about the vodka/paying thing, that is false advertising but at least you got to check out some new things and products.

erica said... [reply]

wow that looks like so much fun! I wish I had something like that here! That brownie looks amazing i would love one!


Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm so jealous! I want to go to this festival! There's nothing fun like that near me.

Oh, and by the way, I've awarded you the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award in my post for today! Check it out!

Congrats, Sugar Doll!

A Toronto girl out West said... [reply]

I've been to both a chiro and a physio. My personal preference is for a physio!

I went to a chiropractor once and I had a home argument with him about the consent to treat form. The short of it is I would consent to everything BUT a spinal adjustment. He wanted me to consent to a spinal adjustment in perpetuity. There are lots of concerns about spinal adjustments so I wasn't gung ho. He treated me that one time and I never went back.

As for physios - I've been a ton of times and they're GREAT help!!!! Yours truly has managed to tear her ankle ligaments, fracture her knee cap, and tear all sorts of muscles. I also have a nagging back issue. They're great because they can diagnose your problems (or try to find a reason) and treat it with you. That treatment will include ultrasounds (to break up scar tissue), heat, and exercises. You can also continue the treatments at home.

Honestly without the physio my body would be a mess. After you tear your ankle ligaments (mine was left hanging on by a thread) they have to manipulate your scar tissue to take the place of the former ligaments. They then have to work with you to make sure you regain mobility. I would be one stiff mess without them.

I love a good physio! They've been essential to my life the last few years!!!

Chelsea said... [reply]

This looks like such a fun festival! And a foodie heaven too! That goji berry brownie looks amazing!

I'm totally cracking up at that buddhist hot dog joke right now.

I've never been to a physiotherapist or chiropractor, so I'm no help there. Sorry!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That looks like so much fun! I wish I had a festival like that in my area!

I actually do go to a Nucca practitioner. It's like a chiropractor, only they believe that the top vertebras in the neck need to be aligned in order for the spine to be, too. So they only work on the neck. It has worked amazingly for me and my family! Especially my dad. My back used to be really humped, but not any more! It doesn't even feel like she does anything, but the x-rays show they definitely do.

The way it works is that you go for an initial alignment where they take an x-ray, and align you. This can be kind of expensive. But then, you can go back whenever you feel your back is out-of-wack and get adjusted for a small fee. After my first adjustment, I came back 6 months later t check on my alignment, and I was still perfectly aligned! She said that once your back gets in the alignment it wants, your back pretty much likes to stay there. Makes sense to me! I also went back another time when my neck was hurting so badly that I couldn't turn it, and she adjusted it. Within a couple hours, my neck was perfectly fine! So yeah it worked for me.

You can look Nucca up if your interested. I don't know if there is one close to you because Nucca practitioners aren't as wide spread as chiropractors. The Nucca test is supposed to be really difficult, and the people have super sensitive hands. She'll always say, "Oh! That was a really good one!" But I never feel anything....

Anonymous said... [reply]

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I'm sure doing yoga and things like that are great for the back, but I swear by my chiropractor. I love going there (and not just because he tells me that I should go get a massage...)! He has even made a woman walk again!! Every time I go I feel so much better! Then again, my back is pretty messed up, but I really do like going!

Michal said... [reply]

That looks like such a fun and fantastic festival! Im so jealous of all of the raw goodies you were able to sample mmmmm :)

Tatianna said... [reply]

That looks like SO much fun! I love festivals of any kind.. so I think I would probably be like a kid in a candy store at one about organics :P

I've had a chiropractor for years, and I fully support it. I actually want to become one if I can afford the schooling!
... anyway, I ride horses which is the inital reason that I went to one. I had had several falls and never done anything about it, so I started getting really bad back pains. It honestly made a world of a difference and I will probably do it for the rest of my life.

<3 Tat

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

I am moving to Canada. You get ALL the cook healthy festivals up there!!! We get nothing like this around here :'(

I worked for a chiropractor for years...they are ALLLL different! It was a company with 37 chiros, mine was teh best (he was #1 producer)...he DID NOT crack ANYONE! He did all muscle therapy..while others were "rack em and crack em" types. We saw AMAZING results with patients...and when I was in a car accident, he completely fixed my back up for me through myofascial release and muscle therapy. I need one now, theres a really good woman chiro I refer clients to..my insurance wont pay for it though :( She is similar to the guy i worked for..and zero pressure on sales..some of them are SO like, you need to come 4 days a week, etc...she is very low key, and an AMAZING doc. But not all chiros should be treated alike!!!


Anonymous said... [reply]

What a fun fun festival! I am so jealous of all the raw foodie goods! I haven't been to a chiro but lots of phsyios for sports injuries. I feel that they are worth it a lot!

Anonymous said... [reply]

The goji brownie looked really good! What a fun festival :) I just went to the Vegetarian Festival in Richmond, VA but it wasn't as big as that one!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Whoa, this festival looks amazing! Organic vodka - sign me up! The face painting is always my favorite part of stuff like this too :-) I've never been to a chiropractor, but it seems like if you're not feeling any pain from being supposedly "hunched" then you should be fine!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

WOW! What fun!
This looks like MY kind of event...>AWESOME!

Anonymous said... [reply]

omg what a cute day :)

I'm glad there was a "parents entertainment" section haha. AND I LOVE GOJI BERRIES! I want to try that brownie like, now!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love this post. You are so lucky to live in a city that organises such an event.

You had an amazing day!

I prefer your version of hot dog, although I would probably need two of them :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh, sugar. You were already sugar doll'ed! Oh well, <3 u anyway!

Anonymous said... [reply]

When I was 8 I had the terrible habit of incorrectly cracking my back. It caused my right side to be over an inch longer when I would lay down. Going to a chiropractor fixed my situation. And sufficiently scared the crap out of me about popping my back myself.

Anonymous said... [reply]

That looks like a really cool festival, especially all the raw stuff! I'm trying to start biking to places that are close by instead of driving :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

what a fun event! i love a good hot dog/sausage in the summer time. the state fair here has a wild rice and cheddar stuffed sausage that i cannot wait to consume :)

Jess - Healthy Exposures said... [reply]

looks like such a fun festival - you're so lucky to have so many fun festivals, rallies, and amazing restaurants around you! the food looks great, and the chiropractic readings are really interesting!! i have terrible posture, too - but when i realize i'm hunching i sit straiiight up, haha.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love all of your pictures...I swear you make your city look so fabulous and full of fresh food! (say that 10 times fast).

I really need a posture assessment! I have the worst sitting posture ever.

Crystal said... [reply]

So many good things! Especially the green drinkery.

I would NOT want my posture assessed. Maybe I'll get it done on a day when I am too happy; it could level me out a bit.

Krista said... [reply]

What a fantastic day!! I'm jealous! LOL

I'm totally scared of chiropractors! Physio has always done wonders for me, though....

Megan D said... [reply]

This looks amazing. Organic vodka?! Yes please!! And I have never been to a chiro but I hear lots of people say they love it. Maybe try it out once!

Autumn @ Good Eats Girl said... [reply]

This looks like a great time! I've never been to either, but I'll be interested to see what you decide!

Anonymous said... [reply]

What a fun day! I didn't realize you could have organic vodka...

Your brownie looks so good! And I can't believe that hot dog was $6!!

Ann Claire said... [reply]

Looks like a great festival!

ac said... [reply]

GAH! Great recap, as expected! :-) It looks like you and your folks had a really lovely day. I LOVE Organic Lives -- didn't know they were based out so close to your home! YAY. Also, I laughed at the picture of HIS and HERS hot dogs. The spring lamb >> organic chicken. Srssly. Did you notice?! Ahaha. Yes, $6 for that little wiener is pretty hefty!

xo Aletheia

Anonymous said... [reply]

What a cool festival, and I love that they encouraged people to bike to it.
Chiropractors freak me out, but I guess you could go jut for a consultation. But then again, if it is not giving you any troubles then it may not be worth the time and money.

Clean Eating Chelsey said... [reply]

That is an awesome festival - I wish there was something like that around here! Well, I'm sure there is, I just haven't found it. :) But if I can't find it, can I please come visit you in Canada?

I swear by my chiropractor - he makes my life better. enough said.

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

omg girl this looks super fun! i love out door festivals of any kind!

your tanning/nude/mailman LMAO!!!

oh and Pride here is this weekend, will be some crazy pics to ensure for sure!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh I love things like this! It looks like so much fun!

Those hot dogs sound so good! I haven't had a hot dog in YEARS!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That looks like so much fun - I haven't heard of that Organic raw food store in Vancouver, now I have to check it out!

Sarah said... [reply]

Is your posture causing you any problems? No one has perfect alignment. If you'd like improve it and it's not currently giving you any difficulties I would go to yoga :) That'll correct and strengthen your alignment. I'm intrigued as to what my alignment would look like... I know my bum (which isn't big) or tail end of my spine naturally pokes out!

Love the look of this festival, amazing!!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow, looks like such cool event!

I'm a huge fan of the chiropractor, I think they can do amazing things.

Joanne said... [reply]

This sounds like one crazy awesome event! I want to eat everything there and experience it all!

As for the chiropractor. I tend to think tests like these diagnose things that would never ever be a problem. I think most people, when tested are considered to have alignment issues. But does that mean we should all be treated? Probably not.

Anonymous said... [reply]

It looks great! I'll make it there some day!

Organic vodka? I probably would have paid to try it since that's pretty much the only alcohol I drink.

I'm not sure about the chiropractor.. I would go. It would be a neat experience and you can see if you like going or not. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

This looks amazing!! I especially love that you could bike there. I definitely need to visit Victoria! :)

I think maybe you should as your regular doctor what he thinks about the chiropractor. It may be that it's not really any significant problem.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You really do go to the coolest places!!

I've been to a chiropractor, but it didn't do anything for my posture, it was just because my back hurt. And as it turns out, massages work better for that. ;)

<3 <3

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

You have the best adventures and the fact that your family participates makes it that much better! I'm not big on the idea of chiropractors, but to each his own. I was able to correct my posture with conscious thinking.

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

Awwwwwww wish you would of found a face painting booth, those are fun!!!!!

Love this recap! Looks like you had a great day, adn your parents enjoyed it! How tall are you?!! Im so short and always wanted to be tall!!!!!

Have a great day! xoxoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm a big believer in chiropractors- I had chronic lower back pain for most of my life. I finally saw a chiropractor, and in a few weeks (about 5 sessions) the pain was completely gone. It almost never bothers me anymore. Try it!

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