22 April 2010

Earth Day Birth Day

Since many of you are interested in a future 'gluten-free products' post, I'll start collecting info and put something fabulous together.

In the meantime, HAPPY EARTH DAY.

I always wake up on the 22nd hoping to turn over a new leaf. This year, I didn't know what to turn over. So I decided that instead of wondering what I was going to do to GIVE BACK to the earth... I was going to celebrate being able to LIVE AND BREATHE on this earth :)

And I am so thankful for that... well that and coffee beans of course!

About halfway through my coffee I thought "Hey this coffee would be good if I tossed a bunch of fruit in it" ... so that's exactly what I did!

Bananas, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, dates, coffee, and soy milk.

Grabbed a small handful of prunes for a quick snack. Any prune lovers out there? They're really YUM!

Green Cuisine tempeh! Yup my little restaurant I worked at went mainstream. Not to be biased, but I think their tempeh is the best! So proud :D

I just roast it up in the oven, nice and crispy!

Cayenne, sage, dill, and curry powder! Beautiful :)

Mixed together with spinach, broccoli, and lot's of green beans.

And for dinner...

Yummy roots; sweet potatoes in all colors.

Happy Earth Day

I'll leave you with a picture of earth's lucious green grasses... and my mom cutting dad's hair in the backyard hehe :)

Question: What would you like to thank Mother Earth for?


MJC said... [reply]

You're more creative than me! I wish I could cook tempeh, tofu, and all the other stuff I *should* be eating! :)

Lauren said... [reply]

Hey love,
first of all, thanks for your suggestions. I've been dealing with depression in one form or another since I was a little kid, so I've tried the anti-depressant route..I tried the one you mentioned, among others. The thing is, different things work for different people because everyone's body is different. I really hope you find success with what you are doing to ease your depression. I know what its like, and you are right, no one should have to live with it.
How interesting that you put your fruit in your coffee...it sounds great. Oh how I miss coffee...
I am also a fan of prunes..especially soaked prunes.
I also like Green Cuisine Tempeh..I get the bbq flavour usually.
Happy earth day! <3

Christina said... [reply]

your sweet potatoes look amazing. i love the herbs photo.

maria said... [reply]

Thank you SO much for the sweet comment on my blog. :) Glad you enjoy and hope you keep reading!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was just reading some of your posts and I think we have a lot in common...I'll definitely be reading your blog! :)

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

the seasoning blend looks GREAT! for the tofu. yum!

i am thankful for blue skies, fresh air, and wide open spaces. i love being outside and relishing the outdoors and am so thankful for the earth :) great question!

Karin said... [reply]

I think that earth day isn't really that well known over here.. but it's lovely to make people aware of the importance of "being green". I'm so thankful for the wonderful world we live in and think that we should take more care of it.
Your meals look lovely especially that tempeh dish!

alex said... [reply]

a big LOL to your mom cutting your dad's hair in the grass. I love it!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

That tempeh looks great by the way. YUM.

Tara said... [reply]

Happy Earth Day to you!!! I def celebrated with some coffee myself! ;) hehe I love the last pic of your mom cutting your dads hair! So cute!!
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've only ever eaten tempeh "raw" so I really need to try roasting it. Actually I have some currently in my house and was just wondering if you could roast it! So thanks for reading my mind ;-)

Kady @ Livin, Lovin, Learnin said... [reply]

Hey hun, thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog! I love the way you eat and that you're getting your Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine! Oh, and that absolutely adorable squirrel at the top of the page :) (did you draw it?... I love drawing!).

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

That tempeh looks different than any I've ever seen before... I wonder why?...

<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

Fruit in coffee? Now that's something I've never tried before...

I'm thankful for warm sunshine, cool rain, and an abundance of fresh fruit/veggies :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

you will so be my best friend if you send me a sweet potato that is not orangey red... i have looked HIGH AND LOW for a flippin REAL sweet potato, with the whitish yellow inside and purple skin... THEY DONT SELL them in Mississippi... promise you ill pay you..

coffee and fruit... hmm... thats like bittersweet lol

Christina said... [reply]

Fruit in coffee? I would have never thought to do that! Sounds like something I'd try though :) I like fruit in water and wine, but I think that's about all I've had before.

I like prunes! I hate that they have a bad rap. They're delicious!

Hope you had a wonderful Earth day :)

lynn @ the actors diet said... [reply]

shout out to prunes!!!

jessica said... [reply]

I love prunes!!! Thank god they have a bad reputation, that's more for us :-) ;)

I love your broccoli, it looks really tasty.

I'd like to thank the earth for all of the little things ~ a glance of a clear blue sky through the trees, a gentle breeze, the first peeps of dawn, the smell of earth thawing in the spring...

Katie said... [reply]

LOVE prunes! Especially with nut butter or stuffed with roasted almonds and dark chocolate.

shannon (the daily balance) said... [reply]

hey girl! lovin' the blog! i'm a prune love but I REALLY love DATES! such a great snack with some nut butter ;)

Simply Life said... [reply]

YUM! What a great looking dish!

My newest "green" goal is to try and use less water - shorter showers, etc.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Those taters look so delicious!! I will be adding those to my meals next week :)

runnerforever said... [reply]

Sweet potatoes...yummmyyy....
I am looking forward to you post on gluten!

Megan said... [reply]

Coffee and fruit? That sounds fantastic! Love your delicious dinner as well!


Anonymous said... [reply]

oooo girl your food looks awesome!! thanks sooo much for your comment!!! i LOVE the sweet taters! <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

I would like to thank Mother Earth for being beautiful and for putting up with all our shit.

Coffee and fruit? I think that's a first. ;)

Brittany said... [reply]

Hi Kelsey,

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. It's crazy for me to think that my blog is an inspiration for someone else to start one, but I love it!!

I can't wait to read more!

PS I haven't had them in a while, but I love prunes too. Any dried fruit really. I don't discriminate- well only against dried apples - I'm not a huge fan of those. :)

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