11 April 2010

Super Squirrel

Hey lovelies! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are as it is here... it's called sunday after all:)

As I mentioned yesterday, i've been training for a half marathon.
So before heading out to run with my mama, I poured a cup of organic Yerba Mate tea.

Too many to choose from- oh the dilemma! haha. Any other Yerba Mate lovers out there? I find it WAY more energizing than coffee in the morning. Plus it doesn't lead to a caffeine crash later on!

Speaking of teas, look at 'my' tea drawer! It's been known to be raided by others on occassion grr :) Actually, this is only half of it, the rest is loose leaf dried herbal tea in glass jars. But I have tea for every ailement and liking; from greens and whites to rooibos, cammomile, energy, sleep, roots, oolong, fruits, digestion, colds, and bitters. I know I can't be the only one, and I'm sure others may find my collection tiny.

Before my runs I grab two bananas to go; one for before and after. I've tried many combinations of pre-running snacks/meals such as energy bars, oatmeal, smoothies, bagels, eggs, etc. I find everything gives me stomach stitches except for bananas. It's also great for replenishing potassium stores!

Don't you LOVE my running gloves? (For those of you in California, I have no sympathy right now.. yes the stereotypes about Canada being cold is TRUE! lol). But Mr. Skeleton gloves do a good job at keeping my fingers warm. yay :)

After finishing around 20km I did some stretching. Nothing better for your muscles/joints than stretching after exercise. It's the only way I don't wake up sore the next day!
Made by the same company as yesterday's protein bar... this is SUPER BAR! Yummy Chocolate and Peanut. I like the lightening bolt in the logo... Super Bar for Super Squirrel hehe.

Fairly high in both fibre and protein!

Nom Nom ... perfect with a hot Mug of Tea Coffee.

And before I knew it was already dinner! I was craving a big vegetable stir-fry. I think whoever thought up stir-fries was a genius. I remember watching the Rachel Ray Show awhile back when she had Dr.Phil on as a guest. She asked him what his cooking habits were and he proceeded to tell her he likes to just throw a bunch of random things into a pot and eat from it. She was quite turned off by it haha but I don't know of anyone who hasen't done that before. Especially if you have random leftovers like veggies, beans, rice, lean meats, tempeh, tofu, or whatever.. even squash. Just throw it all together. .add some spices and whatever condiments... then EAT!

Mix of wild grass-fed organic beef, butter beans, green beans, bean sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, swiss chard, onions, garlic, nori/wakame seaweed, sage, dill, cayenne, and stone ground mustard.

Now I am off to paint my nails and catch up on some tv shows!


alex said... [reply]

aww thanks so much! I finally re-read it and made some errors lol...I messed up my pug's names :)

Anyways, I am jealous of you! I wish I enjoyed tea. I mean I like unsweetened tea - black unsweetened tea....and that is IT! I have issues with any tea that is sweetened or has a sweet taste to it. I love the drawer!

Anonymous said... [reply]

a mate fan here too. I'm from Argentina and mate is part of daily life! ;)

Katie said... [reply]

That tea drawer is great! My stash is running dangerously low. Good luck with your half training!

Karin said... [reply]

You must be my long lost bloggie sister!! ;) Tea, bananas, running with a parent AND stir-fried veggies (which I just had for dinner) in one post?? Too good to be true!! ;)
I've never run 20 km before but that sounds like great fun - especially when you can run with someone else who keeps you company.

Ameena said... [reply]

I am in love with your super organized tea drawer!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've never tried Yerba Mate before, but I'm curious about it, especially after a friend of mine did the Peace Corps in Uraguay, where they drink lots of it. What does it taste like? I might have to buy some!

Erica said... [reply]

Thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog! Most pre-run snacks make my tummy ache too! I've learned just to eat a tiny bit about an hour and a half before. Any closer and I always end up sick!! Great dinner. I'm a huge stir fry fan. Happy Monday

Unknown said... [reply]

I love throwing a bunch of random stuff in pots. So easy and delicious.

Donca said... [reply]

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

It seems like you have a great tea collection. I have quite a few but you definitely have me beat. I enjoy yerba mate as well. It's great in the morning:)

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Sometimes random cooking ends up being the best meal!

Gina said... [reply]

i have a cat named squirrel! & im jealous of your tea drawer :)

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