10 April 2010

Potatoes and Protein

This morning I woke up feeling super hungry! Probably
 from yoga last night and catching up on much needed sleep

I was too impatient to make breakfast so I decided to grab a protein 
bar instead. This brand is only available in B.C. because it's handmade in
the Okanagan Valley. But I wish I could give everyone a taste because it's
 really incredible. It's 100% vegan and made with raw quinoa seed powder

Before lunch time I felt my blood sugar dipping a bit so I zipped 
over to Origin Bakery again to see what sandwiches they had

This one appealed to me; Focaccia Sandwich: Deviled 
egg salad and spinach with sundried tomato aioli (dairy-free)

 It was so tasty! My only complaint was that there wasen't enough egg
 despite what the picture looks like. It was mostly bread with little greens

The sandwich didn't do much for my appetite so when I got home I 
made a little stir-fry to make up for it. It's got broccoli, spinach, black
beans, green onions, cayenne pepper, and a little mustard. It hit the spot

For dinner I went to the kitchen and
chopped up a yam and sweet potato 
to bake in the oven. I showered my
little spuds in cayenne, oregano, and 
basil. I also made a simple dip using 
a couple tablespoons of salsa and 
tomato sauce, chopped garlic, 
apple cider vinegar, and a little water

Tomorrow I get up early to continue training for a half marathon... 
and speaking of running, our annual Times Colonist 10km race is 
coming up in a couple weeks so i'll try to get some good pictures for
you guys. I have some exciting posts coming up next week as well !!!
(includes two belated birthday parties)

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the weekend. XX


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