29 November 2015

Christmas JOY in a JAR

Have you ever wished you could hold on to the essence of Christmas or 
bottled the joy of holiday spirit? Well, now you can! I'm proud to present
to you my crafting creation, "
Christmas in a Jar" a.k.a. "Joy in a Jar".

Christmas "JOY in a JAR"
created by Kelsey at Snacking Squirrel

clear glass jar (mason jars work quite well)
assortment of handpicked seasonal foliage
  (leaves, bark, twigs, seedlings, berries, moss, etc.)
any additional decorations or potpourri to accent
  (glitter, ribbon, trinkets or ornaments, faux snow, tissue paper, candies etc.)

check to see that your jar is clean and dry to ensure the foliage will be visible
start by loosely adding the larger, flexible pieces (pine leaves, evergreen, ferns,
  plyable twigs etc.) along with pine cones, potpourri and anything prickly, like holly
  -be careful: this is where gloves can come in handy!
habitually stop to check how the pieces are looking together in your jar so as
   to avoid clumping too many similar plants together or noticing when there's
   negative space that requires filling
use remaining branches to move the greenery around when adding different
and to open up spaces for bright-colored berries to adorn the exteriors
follow your own instincts and judgement on where everything should go
  and how dense
(jam packed) you want your jars to be 
• your foliage is unique to you and your own interpretation of Christmastime, so
  if the desire to add candy canes and confetti strikes you, then please go to town!

These inexpensive but classy glass jars instantly
transform any room or space with festive cheer

By using simple materials freely given by mama nature herself, and a little 
creativity on your part, you'll feel proud displaying this enviro-friendly decor

The benefits of using a cork lid allows for custom control over the aroma; 
the somewhat porous nature of cork will let the scent of the foliage to slowly 
disperse, lightly fragrancing the air without being muted. For an even bolder
Christmastime scent, you can open or remove the lid and bask in the aromatics

Tip: want a quick, calming and uplifting energy boost?
Inhale directly from the jar for an "X-mas Buzz" hehe!!!

Happy holiday crafting my little elfin friends xx
Stay tuned to indulge in the many arts/crafts and delicious themed 
treats that are snowballing their way onto Snacking Squirrel Online


We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

This is such a great idea!! And so pretty, too :)


ProvidenceMine said... [reply]

This is amazing! Something that you can always have with you! Bet this same idea can be applied to other seasons too! :D

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

You're so creative! (And adorable).

Unknown said... [reply]

I love the DIYs you share! That looks really cute and a cool idea to make the room smell great! I definitely wouldn't mind seeing what recipes you have up your sleeves too for the holidays! I tagged you to Share 50 Facts About Yourself! :-)

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