15 June 2010

Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First

For some strange reason, my body can only handle dessert on an
 empty stomach. This goes against all research that in order to keep my blood
sugar stable, sugar must be eaten after a healthy meal to slow down absorption
 in the bloodstream. Now, this is true scientifically, but for me it doesn't work!

I'm celebrating my own uniqueness by eating 
my dessert FIRST! And eating it for breakfast!!!

Green Cuisine's Hazelnut Fudge Square

Exactly what I needed to fuel my morning

And also from Green Cuisine was a box of vegan food: Lentil patty, 
steamed kale, steamed broccoli, arame seaweed, salad, curried potato salad,
green lentil dahl, mustard, golden beets, and quinoa salad underneath

Later, I tried an Oskri Coconut Bar with pineapple

Not bad! I liked the fruity chunks ;)

Okay so let's recap: I like my sugars in the morning, and I like 
 them on an empty stomach! Now what about carbs? Well... I like my 
carbs later in the day even though i'm told most people need to  
eat them earlier to use up the energy vs. storing them in the body

But again, for me, I handle carbs better in 
the evenings. Bring on the serotonin baby!!!

No suprise that sweet potatoes are my healthy carb of choice!

Compiled heap of 3 roasted sweet potatoes 

Question 1: Do you like sweets after a balanced meal
or on an empty stomach? How about for breakfast?

Question 2: What works best for you
...carbs earlier in the morning or night?


Anonymous said... [reply]

I dont even know how to begin to know when what kind of macro is good for me when. I always have been confused when people say they can't handle carbs late at night or early or whatever. I usually just eat whatever, whenever.

I love sweets anytime, anywhere, anyhow. That's probably because I have a major sweet tooth :)

The Healthy Hostess said... [reply]

Those squares look amazing! I love sweet snacks anytime!

Mandiee said... [reply]

Oh why oh why don't I live close to you and your food paridise, Green Cuisine? Seriously, ever time you show pictures I become increasingly ready to hop on a plane and get some for myself. I like my carbies in the morning and later on. The middle of the day is all about the veggies and beans (though both of those are carbs, too... hmm, I'm just a carbie girl, I guess.) Although I used to pound sweets all day long (not even exaggerating), I'm just not a fan of the way they make me feel anymore. Instead, I prefer my natural sweets; bring on the fruit!

Have a lovely day!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

I so need a restaurant like that here. It's sad that we don't have anything like it at all. Welcome to the south, land of meat and potatoes. I can't eat anything sweet in the morning. I like something sweet after dinner. I think I could eat sweet potatoes every day too.

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

Gotta figure out what works best for you, right? And it really sounds like you have. Everybody's different and what works for some doesn't work for others. I have a big sweet tooth, but I can't handle anything overly sweet first thing in the morning so I tend to stick to fruits for sugar or I crash a little while later, and I usually end my meals on a sweet note rather than begin them with one.

As for carbs, I like the all throughout the day :)

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

I don't really play by any rules with carbs/desserts. I like desserts any time of day but I won't usually eat them first so that I can get some nutritious food in before I fill up on sweets, but I'd be open to discussion on that! :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I like sweets at any time and carbs . . . yeah the same! I just licked my computer screen b/c I am lusting after your coconut bar!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Since I was a kid, I liked to eat the dessert first!
And I thought I was the only one:)

Ha you gave me an idea, I ll try to make my own coconut bar.

Justine said... [reply]

Thank you for visiting my little blog! :)

I haven't ever noticed how my body reacts to carbs but I know that I don't to processed white sugars very well. As for the sweet thing- almost all of my meals have some sweet component to them. I always have yogurt with something sweet mixed into it. Yum!

I saw that your previous post was entitled 'snap carckle pop'. I did that for one of my first posts :)

Have a wonderful day!

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said... [reply]

that coconut bar looks so good! i swear, i never realize just how many bars are out there until i read blogs. i'm always seeing ones i've never seen or even heard of before!
i like sweets with my breakfast, and enjoy something sweet at dinner or whenever, really! just a dried apricot or two will do it, though :) and carbs? i'll take them anytime, please :P

Becca said... [reply]

hey -- nothing wrong with being a bit different! :]
i usually wait a while after eating dinner to have dessert if i am having dessert, so i doubt it even ends up making a difference lol. oh well.
loved the title of this post too! hehe

Kristin (Salty Tooth) said... [reply]

I'm not a huge sweet fan, but when I do eat them it cannot be on an empty stomach.

Also, I agree with you. I do better with carbs later in the day. Too much in the morning make me feel sick.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'll be honest, I can eat sweets at any time of the day, especially for breakfast. My body holds no bounds when it comes to ice cream at 7am!

Sarah (GF vegan) said... [reply]

We are the same! I have to eat sweets on an empty stomach and almost always have dessert for breakfast :) I also prefer to have my carbs in the evening. They just slow me down and make me feel "off" when I have them in the day. I experiment every now and again by having rice at lunch and it just doesn't work. x

Anonymous said... [reply]

I once read in a health magazine that you burn most of the calories you eat at breakfast throughout the day. I'm not saying you should eat crap, but sometimes I eat a dessert in the morning (like birthday cake) because of this fact. If it isn't true (and it probably isn't)...I don't care. Let me eat cake!

Megan D said... [reply]

Ahhh why must you post these tempting photos?! That dessert looks so wonderful! I like to have things like that before I go to bed with a giant glass of almond milk =D

Chelsea said... [reply]

I really don't even eat sweets that much, but when I do, it tends to be after a meal.

But I like my carbs alllll day long! :D

runnerforever said... [reply]

As long as it is tasty, I can eat sweets or carbs or whatever anytime.:-) I love pumpkin pie for breakfast. Oh, and those rice krispie treats are waaaay too good looking, I bet they will go fast!

claire said... [reply]

Still envying that Green Cuisine lady! I can handle rich desserts after meals like dinner if it was something light like soup/salad. I can also do carbs anytime usually!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Umm I WANT THAT HAZELNUT FUDGE SQUARE :D I mean.. please lol. Oh and I also want to dive into that big batch of root veggies. It's funny how everyone's body is different.

1. I think this is why breakfast is my favorite meal because I always make it something sweet :D I like sweets anytime but my mom tells me to watch my sugar lol. She says she thinks it makes me break out plus diabetes runs in my family. But I think I usually have sweets after a meal. Whether it's fruit, chocolate, ice cream, or something like that.. I just feel like it's the last applause of a meal :)

2. I have carbs all through out the day but I've realized that having carbs at my night-time snack doesn't sit too well with me. It really depends on what I'm having though. If it's cookies or crackers.. something that isn't heavy then I'm fine. Otherwise, I go to bed with a funky tummy :\

Anonymous said... [reply]

I like my dessert here there and everywhere and ESP for BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!

Also - I love sweet potatos too - I think our taste buds are related.

Anonymous said... [reply]

p.s.!!! Okay so I'm so glad that the glance and smile thing worked for you :D I have yet to find a cute guy to do that with lol. I swear.. where my parents live is just filled with meatheads or seriously stuck up jerks uuugh. Miami has eye candy though ;) Have you seen Mr. Skateboarder since??


Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]

I like sweets at any time. Empty stomach/full stomach, early/late... it's a tish ridiculous.

And I prefer carbs early on... because yeah- I'm a person who feels like they fuel my whole day that way...

To each their own, right?

Anonymous said... [reply]

I usually like to eat sweets after a meal, either lunch or dinner. I find them too sweet to eat on their own, but balanced with a savory dinner is just perfect. I often crave something sweet after dinner (and lunch too).

As for carbs, I need to balance them out with protein and fat, otherwise they don't fill me up or do anything for me. I need to eat them at every meal, but I'm all about balance. When I eat cereal for breakfast, I need to include some nuts and fruit too, for example.

Kittie said... [reply]

I'm sort of like that, I have to wait an hour or so before eating dessert otherwise the sugar makes my stomach hurt.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

That pile of potatoes looks like heaven to me! I like to have a little sweet after dinner - works ok for me :)

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

For me, carbs are good all day everyday! I start my day with oats and end them with oats. I know it is weird, but I am honest about it! That bowl of potatoes made me want potatoes now! I don't do a whole lot of sweets...fruit or a little stevia is about all I do for the most part...unless I decide to splurge and then the sweet is the meal!

Kady said... [reply]

I like sweets in the morning and for my nighttime snack...but I can do them anytime of day of course! My breakfast is often like dessert - oats w/ cocoa powder & PB, etc. I don't buy in to the whole "when to eat carbohydrates" thing. I eat what I want when I want and it doesn't seem to be a problem. I always try to incorporate carbohydrates, protein, AND fat into every meal though as I need the carbohydrates to bulk up the meal, fill me up, and give me energy, and protein and fats to keep me full.

Anonymous said... [reply]

aw kelsey no, im not coming to victoria, i live in nanaimo :( i come up there sometimes though.
lol yes, you did say good things were coming my way :) you must have sent me some good vibes or something haha.
i like carbs in the morning! mmm! and carbs in the afternoon! mmm! and carbs in the evening! mmm! haha. jkjk. i do like my morning cereal, hot or cold, though. although i daresay, your hazelnut fudge square would have gone over quite nicely too!
and as for sweets, anytime is good for me :p i prefer not to eat dessert on a full stomach though, because then i don't feel like i can enjoy it as much.

Unknown said... [reply]

I'm with you, dessert first and on an empty stomach. Perfecto!

Jessie (Bites and Pieces) said... [reply]

I just found your blog and it looks great so far! I must say that I enjoy desserts and sweets any time of day, but I usually indulge in them after a meal. I always end up wanting something sweet after lunch or dinner. :)

Gabriela said... [reply]

Okay, all of the food in this post looks seriously amazing, especially the hazelnut fudge bar and the coconut bar. Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth? I can eat sugar pretty much any time of day, and I crave carbs all the time...they're my two favorite types of food!

erica said... [reply]

Your dessert looks delish and oh my word I must find those coconut bars! They look to be to die for!


Ameena said... [reply]

I can't eat anything sweet until after dinner...and carbs I can eat all day long with no problem! :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Like you, I prefer to eat carbs late at night, right before bed. I like my sugar in the morning too--in fact I need it in order to function like a real human being. This is true.

P.S. I know you've got yams, but are the other guys sweet potatoes or golden/white potatoes? I looooove golden fingerlings!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please! I have an unstable stomach so different foods don't always work well at any time of the day.

LOVE THE OSKRI BAR! Next time try mango, it is 10000x better. I adore the mango flavor. <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

Thank you so much for the comment, love. It was so beautiful and meant a lot to me, everything you shared...I really related to it and it means so much to me.

I didn't get a chance to comment, but I looked at your rice krispies from your last post...they look incredibly decadent! Maybe a possible breakfast for you? Haha. I think it's adorable that you eat your dessert first thing in the morning...and that you have sweet potatoes almost every night. I've read a lot of conflicting info about eating carbs at night. Jillian Michaels (as well as other peeps...and certain studies) say that its a no no, but other studies and this book called Eat Your Way to Happiness say that eating a super carby meal/snack/treat right before bed helps you sleep and makes you happier (like you say, serotonin). I say, do whatever works for you, do what you feel like doing, and to hell with the studies and their stupid conflicting info. Its too annoying to deal with that BS anymore...Everyone is different.

For me, it really depends on the day...but usually I like to have carbs earlier in the day. At night I usually only want a salad. Anything too heavy interrupts my sleep. I'm a chronic insomniac as it is, but I find that going to bed with a super full tummy makes it worse for me. I don't think I could tolerate so much sugar first thing in the morning, but most baked goods and desserts are too sweet for me anyway. I could definitely have banana soft serve with cacao nibs first thing in the morning! Or any time of day for that matter...


Natalie @ cinnamonbums said... [reply]

ummm those hazelnut fudge squares look amazing!!! when i wake up, i usually crave something sweet right away... love having dessert for breakfast!! i think i do best with a midday meal that is heavy in carbs - and then i like to eat a more protein-rich meal for dinner! but my sweet tooth is usaully raging all day haha

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

sweets after food. i however can drink ridic sweet coffee on an empty stomach and love it that way :)

thanks for everything you said today on my site...amen. they need to hear it from ppl other than me!

Yuki said... [reply]

i LOVE sweets in the morning too.
well, actually... i can eat sweets any time of day but i always eat something sweet for breakfast.
i like vegetable carbs at night but eat grainy things during afternoon.
i used to eat a whole kabocha squash everyday and my skin turned so orange that people noticed... i had to stop for a bit!

Danielle (Runs on Green) said... [reply]

Dear Green Cuisine,
Come to my town please. K thanks :)

I like sweets after a balanced meal otherwise I feel my blood sugar spike and then I get lethargic (which, is expected). But girllll I can have carbs any time of day, evening, night...I love them!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I like sweets at any time of the day! Especially after dinner though, and my breakfast is usually sweet...hmm.

Karin said... [reply]

Hmm maybe I'm like a human garbage disposal but I believe that I can eat anything at any time. ;)Maybe except for fruits other than bananas, I can't eat those after a meal.
Also, I like ending meals with some tea but that's just a personal preference ;).

Anonymous said... [reply]

I like sweet things on their own, too! NEVER after something else - they are always consumed solo (: And I love having cake for breakfast every now and then, especially raw cake :D
Hazelnut fudge square!!! That looks incredible! xxxxx

Simply Life said... [reply]

wow now that is a breakfast (lunch and dinner) I would like to have! :)

Katie said... [reply]

Interesting! I usually like to eat dessert after a balanced meal, but whatever works for you!

I eat carbs (oatmeal or cereal) in the morning and usually have a little at night as well, like rice or couscous.

Krista said... [reply]

I like the idea of dessert anytime, but for breakfast sounds especially awesome! I've tried those Oskri bars before. Pretty good but I found them a bit on the oily side...

Anonymous said... [reply]

seriously....sweet potato queen...have you heard of them? they write books and do parades. google them. they are a group of southern women and they are HILARIOUS!!! they have a couple books to, worth reading haha

k- coconut bar... hmmm must be on the lookout. i made coconut bread this week!

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

I can eat sweets anytime, but it's so funny growing up my mom let me eat dessert first if I wanted to. I think that's the reason why I'm a pretty well rounded eater today! :) At least that's what I tell myself. I'm still figuring out the carb stuff. I recently noticed they make me really tired, so I've been having very little during lunch to avoid the afternoon crash at the office. It's definitely a work in progress. Wish I didn't love them so much though! That bar looks unbelievable. I know it's pineapple..which I love, but it looks like a lemon bar!

Anonymous said... [reply]

My meals always go: mostly fruit with some fiber carbs protein fat really mix of it all in the morning, carbier lunch with beans and some good portion of fat, dinner is protein and more fat and oh wait carbs. I think I eat them all day long, but that is okay. Carbs for dessert first is fine, too!

Anonymous said... [reply]

thats so funny girl about dessert--YOU DO YO THANG GIRL!!! and carbs.. i love em anytime!

Tori said... [reply]

Um most of the time my breakfast could be considered dessert to most people Haha! I think it's different for everybody. I could have carbs for every meal of the day including snacks, and still not get tired of it! I try to have some kind of protien for every meal though. I have a little bit of knowlege to know that's what a good diet intails.....

<3 Tori

Kacy said... [reply]

I like sweets all the time :)

That Oksri bar looks so good! I've never seen those before.

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

Dessert for breakfast is all good in my book!!!!!! One time I had icecream for breakfast on my birthday, it was the best!!!

I love the new layout! Very classy!

Hope you have a great night love!!! xoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]

That pineapple bar looks way yum, as does everything your GC lunch box.

I saw on Mandiee's blog (I think it was hers, anyway) that you commented wondering if you could put cinnamon on sweet potatoes. Let me just say: YES YES YES. Doooo it! It's really common, and it's really good. :) Sweet potatoes are also delicious with peanut butter and coconut butter, if you didn't all ready know.

As far as dessert, I usually like it after a veggie-filled meal. I don't typically have dessert, but if I do, it's always natural and is more often than not good for me. Typically my desserts consist of banana softserve, chocolate-cherry shakes, protein cookie dough, etc.

I find that if I have my "sweet" meal at the beginning of the day, like for breakfast, I don't want sweets for the rest of the day. It's pretty nice actually and seems to work well for me. :)

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said... [reply]

I love my sweets any time, especially after dinner. My sweet tooth is satisfied with fruit or a small square of chocolate, though, so I don't need a large dessert. I worked in a bakery for most of my life, so I guess cakes and things just don't float my boat that much anymore.

I did always want to open a cupcake shop, though, but it's too trendy now...

I've been meaning to try out those Oskri bars forever! I'm not sure I'd like the texture...

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