09 June 2010

Wow! Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter!

Continuing on from yesterdays Health Food Store post... I
 thought I would share some of my new favorite food finds!

First up, another delicious muffin. Carrot millet 
pumpkin seed muffin from Wild Fire Bakery

I love the texture of these; grainy and dense. The millet is super 
crunchy and the seeds sort of pop when you bite into them. Extremely good :)

And since it seems everyone is really into the new Vega
 Smoothies, I wanted to share my love of the old Vega drinks!

Good ol' Oster blender, how you never disappoint me :)

You all know how much I love bars too! I'm so addicted to the Clif 
Builder Bars. I feel like such a body builder eating these.. sorta... lol

One of you bloggers out there posted about how the peanut 
flavor one is much better than the original. I usually get the
 plain, but after I read that peanut is better, I happily tried it!

Ok lastly, here's an interesting new thing I found...

 "School-Safe" SOYBUTTER!

Basically it was a little sample my mom picked up from work. Honestly thought
 it would be gross, and it didn't look too promising either. Before I tried it I told
myself that if I don't like it, I could at least appreciate the cute cartoon on the package

But I REALLY LIKED IT! not sure if its something I would choose to purchase 
over peanut butter, but I couldn't tell much of a difference. Have you eaten roasted 
soy nuts before? Well it's a bit like that but with a peanut butter-ish taste too

Question 1: Have you tried soy-nut butter?
 Question 2Do you eat protein bars? 
If so, which brands are your favourite?


Anonymous said... [reply]

umm can i just tell you how freaking encouraging you are?!? YOU ARE SO SWEET! I adore you!! and I LOVE THE clif builders bars!!! hahah i totally feel HARDCORE when i eat them too! I love think thin bars too!! dont like soy nut butta tho :(

Jessica said... [reply]

I've tried soy nuts before and thought they were o-k, but I've never tried soy nut butter. But I love peanut butter, so maybe I would like it!

shesarunner said... [reply]

I've never tried soy butter...I don't like the idea of it for some reason. I'm sure it tastes fine, but I could never bring myself to try it.

I don't eat protein bars (although, if we had those vegan gluten free protein bars in T.O then I definitely would). I don't buy bars from the store very often...I used to love Larabars but I overdosed on them and now I find them too sweet. Eventually I'm sure I'll make my way back to Lara...although they are far from "protein bars"...they are more of an energy bar. The peanut butter one has the highest amount of protein, which is 7g I think. Most only have 2-5 g.

That muffin looks good- I love crunchy things, as you know, so crunchy millet sounds perfect to me.
I used to drink the Whole Food smoothie Infusion all the time...its a little grassy tasting but still good!
Thanks for sharing your food finds, love

Nora@LiveLifeEatRight said... [reply]

That muffin looks crazy good! I used to love the cookie dough balance bar, but lately I have been loving Luna Protein bars! I've never tried the Vega mix but it looks really good!I've also never tried the soy nut butters but I think my nut butter love is so strong I couldn't venture to soy nuts!

Samantha said... [reply]

Excellent looking muffin! I have not tried the soy nut butters, in fact, I haven't even seen them before.

Yuki said... [reply]

mm those muffins looks yummy!
i love the quinoa pumpkin seed protein bar by francines finest A LOT.
but im also wanting to try the elevate me bar as well.

Anonymous said... [reply]

This soy butter must taste good. I would definitely try it.

The muffin looks so delicious. Why is it so difficult for me to make things like that at home? Every time I try to make bread or muffins, they come out as rubber mazes, and it is impossible to eat them!

sophia said... [reply]

Ooh!! I'm liking the sound and looks of that muffin...I love it when muffins have some kind of crunchy texture to it, like cornmeal!

Not a fan of protein bars, or PB. So I don't really think I'll like soybutter much, either!

Megan D said... [reply]

ok, literally every time i go to the store i pick up the clif builder bars and debate getting them!!! i think they say they are all natural so that's good but the ingredient list is just so long... but you are like the tenth person i've heard rave about them so i think i'll try one! do you recommend peanut butter?

Simply Life said... [reply]

I haven't tried soy-nut butter but I'd love to give it a try!

brandi said... [reply]

that muffin looks awesome!

I've never tried soy butter, but I try not to have too much soy. Breast cancer runs in my family so I try to be careful with it, just in case.

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

I've never tried soy nut butter before but have seen it in the store. I'm not sure if I want to take the plunge! I'd try it if I came across a sample...

I eat protein bars on occasion when I'm on the go after working out, but not frequently. My favorites are KIND Bars and Luna Bars.

Kristin (Salty Tooth) said... [reply]

I have had soy butter, but I'm not a huge fan. I also don't really care for nut butters.

Also, as for protein bars, I agree with you, the Cliff brand is great. I haven't had one yet that I didn't like

Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said... [reply]

i haven't tried soy nutbutters, probably because i'm not a big fan of soy products but just saw those personalized packs for the first time yesterday and they're tempting!and i'm not big on
"protein bars" per se but love a good vegan bar!

saoriweaver said... [reply]

Oh that muffin looks sooo good! So I had to go on over to the Wild Fire bakery page and was so disappointed to see that it isn't a gluten free muffin....

I've been enjoying your posts and have been making the egg and kale (and other veggies) stir fry and really enjoying it....yesterday I even added mustard :)

Interesting reviews of all the different foods, protein bars, etc. I'm looking forward to trying some of them too.

Ameena said... [reply]

I can't eat soy because of an allergy so I haven't tried soy butter...and I am not crazy about protein bars. In a pinch I will eat a Larabar but honestly, they are too sweet for me!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

That muffin looks amazing! YUM! I have not tried the soy butter, but now I can't, but I am always happy to see choices out there! I don't do protein bars either, but mostly because they are soy based.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love soy nut butter! Clif bars are my fave bars but I haven't tried those in particular. Oh and I supah love Luna's choclate peppermint stick.

Heaven in your mouth!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I just recapped on your last three posts lady so I am a commenting queen right now...ha.

But that muffin seriously sounds AH-mazing and I clicked on the website for the company and it has a great menu! I really wish we had a local place with more wheat free baked goods because those all sound sooo good!

I have had soy nut butter but didn't love it because I tend to love pb and almond butter too much. I might end up baking with it or something though soon!

I actually don't do the protein bar thing but really used to in college when I needed snacks and thought they were the best option. Now, I pretty much stick to Larabars, a few clifs, pure bars, and other ones with ingredients I can fully understand!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've never tried soynut butter before. I can't quite imageine what it tastes like even after you've given a pretty detailed description. Hmm...

I want me some of those carrot millet pumpkin seed muffin! I love muffins/breads with texture and chew!

alex said... [reply]

google reader is not updating your blog!!! HOW SAD! I felt like you weren't updating...lol!!!

I am so glad that you are in a better placE :) I am slowly getting there...giving up the random unhappiness and letting go and enjoying life!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE White Choclate Macadamia Nut Clif Bars. THey are amazing.

Chelsea said... [reply]

Yayyy, I LOVE soynut butter! It's pretty much the only nut butter I can eat because of my allergy. :(

Also that muffin looks super good. I love baked goods that are full of seeds and grains!

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

Seeing your muffins always gives me a huge craving for one! Thankfully, I have a nice cookie to tide me over for now :)

I've seen that soy-nut butter in the stores, but I kind of try to limit my soy consumption to tofu, so I stick to the almond butters.

As for protein bars, I can't eat most of them. Big allergy to peanuts, and pretty much all of them have peanuts or traces of the dratted legume. Sometimes I think about making my own, but I think I'll stick to the occasional protein shake instead.

Katie said... [reply]

I LOVE a good grainy muffin! Yours always look so yummy.

I've never tried soy nut butter! I used to snack on soy nuts all the time.

I do eat protein bars... I used to eat a lot of Lunas, then a lot of Laras... I just look for minimally processed bars.

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

Hi love!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the muffins you are always enjoying, looks so yummy! I have not had a good muffin in a long time!

I just bought the same starbucks cup!! Yay!!! Love it!!

My fave protein bars are lunas and Clif Mojos!!!!!!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

ooooh those muffins look too good!
I haven't tried soy nut butter - but it sounds interesting....

Jocelyn said... [reply]

I have never tried that soy butter before! And my favorite protein bar...possibly an atkins peanut butter chocolate kind..but I don't usually buy those as they are pricy and the ingredients are long!

YOURuniqueyouMYuniqueme said... [reply]

I want one of those starbucks cups so bad for my smoothies! Ive only tried one type of soynut butter, it was cinnamon soynut butter it was soo goood! And i usually just have protein powder for shakes, I dont think ive ever had a bar!

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]


I have not tried soy-nut butter.

I eat larabars..love the apple pie flavor and the PB cookie :p yum!

Astrid said... [reply]

Your muffins always look delicious! I have not tried soy nut butter, but I adore roasted soy nuts. My favorites are the ones with wasabi powder on them. I love the type of spiciness that clears out your sinuses.
For protein bars, I like the Luna protein bars. I have been experimenting with making my own bars, because then I know exactly what is in them.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I tried making my own soy-nut butter once but it went down the tubes! I eat protein bars sometimes and when I do the only one I eat is Larabar.

Jaclyn said... [reply]

That muffin looks amazing! I love homemade (er.. locally store-made!) baked goods, but I hate how they're typically laden with fat or sugar--this one looks perfect! I've tried soynut butter and while most people don't like it, I think it's a nice change every once in a while.

I've also tried the builders bar.. but only the chocolate one! I've seen the pb and definitely need to try that one now too! Thanks for the tip! ;)

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

i cant remember which builder's ive tried. maybe choc? it was good but those really high protein bars give me a bad tummy ache so i skip em :(

i want that muffin you have though!

Anonymous said... [reply]

hello hello!
I had a sample pack just like that but I didn't like it at all =( it was just kind of oily without a lot of taste...yuck haha! I'm glad you like it though!
And I love clif but I haven't tried a builder bars but I really would feel too hardcore eating them!

Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards) said... [reply]

Never tried protein bars or soybutter, all that will have to wait until I move back to America :) someday, someday.

I love regular clif bars though so I really want to try these Builder bars you speak of. Oh and feeling like a bodybuilder would be a bonus...

Steph (@MediterraneanMiss) said... [reply]

Hi girl!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog <3
Yes I have tried soy butter before, there was a fair here in Toronto showcasing all kinds of natural products and I walked away with a big armful of the stuff. I liked it, but not as much as my beloved peanut/almond/nut'n budder, etc etc etc.

Delish looking eats! I've never tried a clif protein bar myself, but their maple nut flavor just kills me every time. SO. GOOD.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Everything looks DELICIOUS!!
I've never tried soy nut butter, but I think that I need to (:
I don't really eat protein bars, mainly because there aren't any vegan/natural ones available here.
That one looks pretty amazing though!
Aaah, I really need you to know how much I love reading your posts!
Have a fantastic friday xxxxx

Anonymous said... [reply]

haha i do think you know i dont 'do soy and vegan stuff' but i will admit one time in college i tried roasted BBQ soy nuts when i was drunk...no, gritty and did not like them. haha

you paid 2.99 for one muffin BTW??? that's hiway robbery!

and on protein... i got a sample of Jay Robb's vanilla proetin powder..im scared to try it..i keep looking at it hahaha

Katalina @DreenLivingNY said... [reply]

What a great muffin!!! using millet is such a good idea!!!
I do eat protein bars sometimes, and the builders are the best for me, organic ingredients. lots of protein and great taste!! :)

Christina said... [reply]

I've tried chocolate soy nut butter once... and I thought it was disgusting lol. But maybe they weren't roasted!

I think that carrot muffin flavor might be my dream muffin.

Cardio Pizza said... [reply]

I have tried soy nut butter and actually did not care for it!

I do occasionally eat protein bars...I think they are tasty, but so pricey! My favorites are cliff builder bars and original cliff bars, especially when they have the holiday flavors :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said... [reply]

I've never tried soy nut butter and not sure I would like it, but I'll look for it next time I'm in the store.

I have protein bars on occasion, I like cliff bars. I also like Lara bars even though they aren't offically a protein bar.

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said... [reply]

I'm not a big bar fan. I like them, but tend to eat them on the go when I'm not really enjoying what I'm eating, so I feel like I get cheated out of the eating experience. I guess they are a valuable source of nutrition, though, if you really don't have the time to sit and eat.

I've tried the soy nut butter...I like it! I don't like to have too much soy in my diet, though, so I prefer peanut or almond butter. The soy does seem like a good option for schools where you have to watch allergens so closely.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I think something's been wrong with my Google Reader, because I've missed some of your last posts - so strange!

I love the look of that muffin. I bet it tastes like carrot cake. Mmmm.

Since I have a soy allergy, I've never tried soy nuts or soy butter; I stick to lots of other nuts and nut butters.

Erica said... [reply]

Ok that muffin looks ridiculous good. I love when the top of a muffin is a little crunchy. I've seen soy nut butters but I haven't tried them. I would like to! I rarely eat protein bars. I do like Clif Mojo's

eatmovelove said... [reply]

Oh my God - that muffin totally jumped out at me!! I love it. Keep posting those...and I'll be around for awhile ;)

I don't do protein bars per se...I love all kinds of different bars though ! LUNA white choc macadamia and choc brownie nut (!), also just love granola bars - kashi...and anything with chocolate :)...

Um...can I come and live wherever you are? Because I'm loving these great food and clothes finds :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I am feeling Hungary looking at this....

Anonymous said... [reply]

ive never tried soy nut butter but all nut butters have tasted good to me so far :)

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