05 July 2010

Pride Parade

Gay Pride Parade
2010 Victoria BC 


Anonymous said... [reply]

Equality for all! Love your gay pride parade pics. :)

Crystal said... [reply]

That looks like so much fun! We had one here a few weeks ago but I was busy entertaining my younger brother and couldn't make it. :(

Anonymous said... [reply]

Those pictures are great - looks like a good time!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Looks like you had a great time! Great pics!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hooray for gay pride! I started a gay pride parade in my high school. It was only two of us, but I feel that a made a difference! :)

Monet said... [reply]

Yay for gay pride! I wasn't able to attend the gay pride parade in Denver this year, and I appreciated being able to see all of these pictures this morning. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

I have to laugh b/c I think you go to more parades than anyone I know. ;-) I'm hoping you had a fantastic time!!! Love that you take time to share all the pics.

Anonymous said... [reply]

So fun! I went to the one in Chicago, but missed out on the fun this year...

Jess - Healthy Exposures said... [reply]

it seems like i've seen a lot of gay pride parades on blogs lately...why haven't i heard of one going on in Vermont?!
Looks like everyone had a good time, though. And I agree - equal rights for all!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That pride parade looks like so much fun! I would love to be apart of that and dress up. I really love that one guys hair with the balloons so awesome. Lol and that one guy dressed up as a marijuana leaf.. I thought it was a random artichoke ahahahah! Then I looked at it again and I was like ohhh nevermind. I wonder if there was one down here in Miami.. or if there will be one. If there isn't, well then there should be!


alex said... [reply]

we don't have these types of parades in Houston...people would probably be shot. Well ---wait a minute they have a parade but it is just down one street - Montrose - where most of the gays reside....it's odd we have clique neighborhoods. ANNNND I'm rambling.

Anna said... [reply]

Awesome photos...looks like fun! We have a Pride Fest in Milwaukee, too...I wanted to go down with my best guy friend who's gay but I had to work that weekend.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Awesome looking photos :D
Parades like that are dangerous over here, my country is still too close-minded :(

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

OMG!!! I really enjoyed these pics, they're great!! haha...I had to do a double take though...I was like "No, he DID NOT hold up a sign that said "foreskin is fabulous!" haahh!!! Some risque attire in that parade..good times ;-)


Carrie (Carrie on Vegan) said... [reply]


Anonymous said... [reply]

loook at those crazy get-ups!

girl, this is JUST like san francisco. hahahahah. get yourself ready for the craziness of the castro district....... you will love it

(we had gay pride WEEKEND last week... craziness went down for sureee)

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

What great pics! The colours, the energy - it all looks wonderful!

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

Fun parade girl! It looks like a blast. :)

Christina Butter said... [reply]

They have such awesome parades there!

Chelsea said... [reply]

That looks like such a fun time!

My friends went to the one in Toronto on Sunday, and I really wanted to go, but I had to work. :(

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hehe I would love to go to a pride parade, some day! :)

Kittie said... [reply]

This made my day! (They'd get shot in my neighborhood...um. literally.)

Gina; The Candid RD said... [reply]

Great pics. Fabulous event.

I want to be in it, just so I can dress up in crazy costumes and walk around the street! I love all the positive energy.

Anonymous said... [reply]

so fun! i go to the pride festivities here with my friend seth every year but had to miss it this year due to a wedding :( thanks for letting me live vicariously thru you!

Megan D said... [reply]

How.. colorful!! Haha I bet this was fun to be at :)

ac said... [reply]

The colours. Oh, the colours.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Haha! Oh wow, that is fabulous. Everyone sure made an effort to really get into the event and I'm loving all the colors!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow Pride looks insane! A friend from work wanted Whit and I to go with her to it. She was telling us all of these crazy stories about the past years that she went. I thought that she was exaggerating... but by the looks of these pictures I can see that she was not lol!


Lee said... [reply]

Wow thats gay

Did it smell of a fish market?

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our pride is 7/17 so just a couple more weeks til I post about it! Can't wait to see the incredible sights..although yours looks totally amazing and i wish i coulda been there with you :)


Anonymous said... [reply]

This is so awesome - wish I had been there!

Joanne said... [reply]

Awesome photos. Especially that one of the Foreskin is Fabulous poster. Classic.

Anonymous said... [reply]

NOH8! Love the parade photos!

Anonymous said... [reply]

This is crazy! so cool that you got to experience that looks like fuun. I'm on board equal rights for all love is love.

Autumn @ Good Eats Girl said... [reply]

Looks like you had a blast!!

Krista said... [reply]

I would LOVE to get to T.O to see the pride parade. I think it would be a blast.

Anonymous said... [reply]

haha oh my some of those pictures!!! :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Your area seems to have a lot of parades and festivities. I bet it's a fun place to live.

lynn said... [reply]

:) i love pride parades!

Anonymous said... [reply]

love the pics! i have a summer house in cape cod, 1 mile from provincetown. the gay pride parade up there is one of my favorite parts of the summer. SO MUCH FUN

Kelsey said... [reply]

What a great event!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Foreskin is Fabulous----I LOVE IT! hehe

I've always wanted to go to one of those just to be in that atmosphere and see the wonderful costumes--I'm a sucker for fabulousity :)

Hannah said... [reply]

So colourful! It makes me happy to even see this - it's wonderful to see a celebration like this, devoid of prejudice and sadness :)

Glen Callender said... [reply]

The "FORESKIN IS FABULOUS" guy was me. I'm Glen Callender, founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP), Canada's newest pro-foreskin advocacy group! Check us out @ http://www.can-fap.net/ and join our Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Canadian-Foreskin-Awareness-Project-CAN-FAP/400863542278

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