27 October 2010

CROP it all off!

It's official, I'm a boy girl with short pixie hair... 

Feeling: Strange. Fun. Liberated. Different. Content.

I've been having major "Phantom-Hair... gotta 
remind myself that I don't need as much shampoo +
conditioner and to stop grabbing hair scrunchies,
 thinking i'll put my hair "up in a bun" in the morning!

Hair is just hair though. India Arie 
said it best, "I am not my hair"

Hmm let's just say that me and the hair
spray have been having a lot of fun lately ;)

Question: Ever sported the "Boy Cut?" 
Do you feel that certain hair cuts and 
styles alter your mood or personality?


Rebekah (clarity in creation.) said... [reply]

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I NEVER SAW YOU CHOPPED YOUR HAIR!!! i absolutely love it! i know you said on my post you were growing it, but girlfriend, you were MADE for this hair! i dig!

Unknown said... [reply]

You look adorable! I want to have your babies!!! :D

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