26 November 2010

My Week in Pictures: Friday

9:05 am: Wake up

9:30 am: Eat Breakfast

Pick up from Tim Horton's 

 Tim Horton's Plain Croissant

Flaky, buttery and soft

10:15 am: Drink Tea


9:05 am: Review Yoga Notes 

My Posture Sequences to teach my very first Yoga Class

Opening Sequence: Tratak, Palming and Head/Neck Rolls

Warm Up Sequence: Leg Lifts/Raises, Knees to Chest, 
Supported Bridge, Child's Pose/Balasana, Bali Seal and Hero

Sun Salutations (above) Fun Postures (below)
Wall-hang, Supine Flexion and Prasarota Padottanasana 

Rushed my little Stick Men; Not as cute as the ones I posted here

Final Relaxation Sequence

 1:30 pm: Make Lunch

Organic Stone Bread from Cascadia Bakery

Mmmm Mini Babybel Light Cheese

The infamous red wax covering

Did anyone else play with the red wax from the cheese when they were kids?

On top of the bread is Sauteed Kale and Spinach with
 Mustard, Onions and 3 horizontal slices of the cheese

Toasted and broiled in the oven

Sprinkled with a pinch of black pepper

So healthy yet decadent and comforting :)

Time to cut in with my fork

Unleashing a river of oozing cheese

11:00 am: Kill my Computer

So turns out my Computer is a Dick and most of my comments don't appear! This means that all the time I spent commenting on your amazing posts was for nothing; most of you didn't receive them! "Lee (oldest brother) I need your 
help ASAP!" So if you've been wondering why for the past week or two why you 
haven't seen "Snacking Squirrel" in your comments, now you know why! Bear with me..
or toss me another hammer...

Aside from my "Need to Kill" mood, My first Yoga Class Teaching 
went awesome! I passed with flying colors and my teacher even
 recommended I start working ASAP :) Phew, thats always a good sign :)


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