01 November 2010

Trick-Or-Treating ... Are You Too Old?

Do you remember when you were a kid getting ready
 to go trick-or-treating? Before you could go out, you're
 parents likely made sure you had a hearty meal to keep you
 full... so you wouldn't come home and inhale all your candy.

In our house, it was usually pizza or meatloaf n' spaghetti
 with mashed potatoes. I wanted to recreate that this year 
with a healthy Greek Pizza with olives, sundried tomatoes,
 spinach, mozzarella/feta cheese. With eyeballs to garnish...

With a full belly, it's time to put on your costume!!!

A last minute rush to Value Village proved worth-while. 
I found this Mad Hatter Wizard costume for 15 bucks...
but decided it was more of a Gnome instead.

My Mom badly wanted to 'put' me in the backyard, where
 a gnome should be of course. "Home Sweet Gnome."

"Kelsey, pretend like you're climbing out of the tree trunk!"

"Mom should I take off my hat so the neighbor- 
lady stops frantically staring out the window?"

Now, let's get a little controversial shall we!
 Yes, I went Trick-Or-Treating as an adult...

Normally at around 18 I stopped going, but I was so bored.

Besides, I don't feel I need an excuse to get some free candy!

Sure, it got a little awkward hovering over the little kids 
while I tried to find a pre-pubescent octave in my voice...

But it was a blast! Now i've gotta sort through this junk and
 figure out what i'm keeping. Yes, I eat Halloween candy too. 

Life is too short to miss out on Kit Kat bars
Come on people, "Gimee a Break!" hehe.


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