29 December 2010

Canadian Bison

The Ground Bison from Red Barn Market is a little
 past its expiry, but thats why they made freezers...right?

Sometimes I crave a non-conventional breakfast, like a Bison Stir-Fry at 8:30 am!

Added in bok choy, spinach, red onion and dijon mustard

Slowly i'm adding in more and more proteins which is making a huge difference
 in my emotional well being. Proteins and Fats = Balanced Blood Sugars :)

I'm pretty sure the Cocoa Coconut Cluster is the best flavor

And remember the little stuffed squirrel toy I posted here...

It was a Christmas present to myself; A finger puppet from Bolen Books

 Hmm is it weird probing a stuffed squirrel? Yes, yes it is... haha

Question: Do you eat un-conventional 
breakfast foods such as salads, tacos, 
soup, stir-fries, burgers, spaghetti, etc?


Anonymous said... [reply]

If I have time, I am all for unconventionality (is that a word??) However I've never had stir fry for b-fast. I have had sushi though and it was fantastic and sometimes will nosh on cold spaghetti if the mood strikes.

I've never cookes bison before, it kinda scurres me.

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Rarely do I stray from my oats. I love a toasted onion bagel with spinach, fried egg and sliced tomato too though. My youngest son will eat left over anything for breakfast. I don't mind though even if it is unconventional since he is getting great nutrition no matter what.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Sometimes I'll eat leftovers from the night before for breakfast if they were really good. I LOVE bison meat. I made some seriously delicious bison burgers over the summer.

alex said... [reply]

yes, every single day. I never want to eat breakfast foods and if I want them I can't make eggs at 5am at work. :(

Alexia said... [reply]

YES. Sometimes I eat whatever the hell I want for breaking the fast. No shame here.

And yes, yes that's exactly what they made freezers for.

Meri said... [reply]

I'm a big fan of the "whatever I made for dinner cold" breakfast, especially on the weekends (I know that sounds backwards, but when I'm off my routine I eat different too :)
I've never had bison for breakfast though! Or at all, for that matter... way to shake things up!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I HAVE eaten "unconventional" breakfasts before, but I don't usually do that, because, well, I like "breakfast food." :p

I have a koala finger puppet that looks remarkably like your squirrel! ;)

<3 <3

Lisa Fine said... [reply]

I'm not usually into lunch or dinner foods for breakfast, but when I traveled to Japan I loved eating rice balls, miso soup, and pickled vegetables for breakfast. I guess I just go with the culture around me.

Unknown said... [reply]

I'd totally have bison for breakfast! I also like salmon and rice for breakfast. Savory is always good!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said... [reply]

cold leftover pizza (it only happens once or twice a year. lol for obv. reasons!) and if anyone is mean enough to give my husband and I cake... we eat it for breakfast! weirdos eh? hahaha

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I don't usually eat non-breakfast foods for breakfast, but have no qualms about it. I guess I just never want to put in the effort to make anything I would make for dinner. If there are leftovers though, I'll definitely dig in.

Mmmm, bison. Haven't had any in a long time, but it is rather tasty, no?

Kath said... [reply]

I usually eat a protein rich breakfast already, to stabilize my blood sugar levels for the day to come. I love grilled chicken with fruit and almond butter. Maybe a little unusual. Eggs and fruit would also be okay, but I like chicken better. :)

Lola ^^ said... [reply]

Hi Kelsey!
I'm really happy you are watching positive results with your diet changes!! I am constantly experimenting too, and after seeing the pic in your last post where it says that gluten can give you thyroid disease, I'm really thinking about giving a gluten-free diet a try!
I would die if I had to eat bison though hahaha I really hate beef. I can do fish and chicken though :)


Anonymous said... [reply]

I like leftover soup sometimes for breakfast!

I find it much easier to eat breakfast in general when it's past 9am - not sure why!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said... [reply]

Wow! That is unconventional! :)

I have never seen the Elevate me Bars! I'm guessing with the provided link I can order them online!

Anonymous said... [reply]

i keep hearing about how great bison is and im dying to try it!!
& that bar looks delicious :) glad to hear that your mood/energy are up since increasing the protein.

ps. cute squirrel

thehealthyapron said... [reply]

thinking about anything other than traditional breakfast foods in the morning make me sick. It has to be the usual things or I have no interest

Missy said... [reply]

Yes! I eat greens with a little bit of eggs but mostly greens...with savory braggs aminos and salt and peppa.

I just don't wake up wanting oatmeal or anything like that.


Anonymous said... [reply]

Ooh yum!
I usually don't but I wan tto start eating more food vareity for breakfast!
Bison! Yum!

Ayla said... [reply]

Today for breakfast I had a leftover roasted chickpea/broccoli/garlic dish.. it was delicious although definitely not a normal breakfast.

PS. That poor squirrel.. ;)

Monet said... [reply]

I am such a cereal girl...I could eat a big bowl of cereal and fruit everyday of the week. But I think I need to step out and try something new! Thank you so much for sharing with me. I hope you are having a day of love and joy.

Kristie said... [reply]

Sometimes I definitely do crave some crazy breakfasts, especially if there are good leftovers in the fridge :) That bison breakfast sounds pretty darn good to me. I haven't ever tried bison yet but I think I need to!

I'm just catching up with blog reading and I'm really excited about this new gluten free direction of yours! I have a feeling I have some food sensitivities, not sure quite what but I know all of the extra wheat and sugar I've been eating the past.. oh few months now? It's messing with me and I don't love it. I'm looking forward to seeing your eating transitions and how they help!

Lori said... [reply]

MMmmm- sounds like a great breakfast to me! When I'm at home on the weekends I usually make myself something interesting (since I have to do smoothies during the week at work). Usually leftovers are my thing- or ANYTHING with Kabocha. I'm obsessed.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Super cute squirrel! And yes, I'll eat anything in the morning. My husband is a breakfast-items-only kind of guy, but I'm all about eating last nights leftovers in the mornin' ;)

Gina; The Candid RD said... [reply]

I love your little squirrel! It's perfect!

We've been doing a lot of bison specials at the grocery store this past couple months. It's very popular, and quite tasty.

I always do oats in the morning, but when I was a kid I had leftover cold pizza ALL the time!

Meesh said... [reply]

Lol love the finger puppet!
I think the only unconventional thing I sometimes eat for breakfast is cold pizza. yumm!

Jess said... [reply]

Mmm, that bacon looks yummy! Awesome about going gluten free, too! I hope it works for you!

Anonymous said... [reply]

When it is in the house, I eat cake for breakfast. Thats why I avoid having it in the house. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

i thought i was the crazy one stocking up on cheap + high quality meat when it was close to its expiration, only to put it in the freezer right away! smarties we are ;)

Kat said... [reply]

I don't really eat non-traditional breakfast foods, but I have read that breakfast salads are excellent. I do want to try one of those sometime.

I know that I wasn't eating enough protein until about a month and a half ago. The day I started getting my protein intake in-gear, I felt immediately better. Good luck!

Asha Raval said... [reply]

I LOVE bison!!!! And yes, for me breakfast is much better when it is similar to dinner...I love love love steamed veggies and warm greens for breakfast as well as a nice piece of grilled meat or fish. Soup is also awesome for breakfast. it is so much more satisfying to me then oatmeal or pancakes. I am glad you are feeling better on more protein/fat! Keep us updated :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Kelsey!!! I've missed your posts :( But I'm back to blogging now! I love the finger puppet, and I love that you find so many special surprises. That Elevate Me! bar sounds soooo tasty! You know I love my coconut ;)

Lol I actually rarely eat savoury things for breakfast. Although I remember one time when I went out to eat at this delicious cafe I got their vegan tofu scramble over a large corncake. It was incredible, but sadly gave me indigestion for the whole day. I just like to start my day off on a sweet note :)

XOXO lots of love to you my dear!

Chelsea said... [reply]

I always crave really conventional breakfast foods like oatmeal and yogurt messes. My taste for savory things doesn't kick in until later in the day!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day just so I can eat breakfast foods. I'm an oats, pancakes, or french toast kind of girl! It's just so good!

TheRavenousMommy said... [reply]

Last sunday I had Manicotti & Meatballs for breakfast. DEEEELISSSHHH!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I prefer unconventional breakfasts ... Like pizza, or pasta, or chicken noodle soup like I had today :-)

Lori said... [reply]

One thing I love about traveling to other countries is finding breakfast that is unconventional to us in North America. In Asia, rice and noodle dishes were always available for breakfast. I have to admit I don't stray from oatmeal and eggs often at home, but I embrace and enjoy it when we travel. :)

Simply Life said... [reply]

The only dinner food I really eat for breakfast is pizza....but I do love having desserts in the morning! :)

Krista said... [reply]

I have a hard time with savoury for breakie unless it's eggs. My sister can eat dinner type food for breakfast, though...

That little squirrel is pretty cute, hun!

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