05 December 2010

Running, Eating and Christmas Tree Shopping!

Honestly, I never had a relationship with my Father until I turned 21. I never understood him and we barely knew how to hold a conversation. Then again, he's a Capricorn and I'm an Aries... Earth vs. Fire. But honestly, we both love the outdoors. We ended up talking for hours about future adventures should go on 
(he's an encyclopedia when it comes to exploring)...

As we spent the morning running at Durrance Lake up into the Partridge Hills, I realized how amazing my Dad is. Sure, he may not always tell me how much he loves me, but I know it through the way he cares for me. I guess I was always ignorant to how he felt, and just tried to live my life without him in it...

So even though I can't go back to make up for the time we 
lost, I can feel secure in what we've grown to find 
in each other, as adults and as Father and Daughter 

My Dad and I also love finding little eateries to stop in at.

He took me to his favorite, Georgie's Cafe

Georgie's Cafe and Emporium on Urbanspoon

We bonded over Mincemeat Tarts <3

Not a huge Mincemeat fan, but these were awesome!

Later we went to Home Depot to pick up a Christmas Tree. 

My Dad is such a Christmas Tree Scrooge... I'm guessing he has some type of complex developed from childhood memories of Christmas. Below you can see how "delicately" he treats nature lol...  
"Dad, don't just shove it in the van like that! 
What did that poor tree ever do to you?" ...

"Kelsey, next time just let me buy the small tree we 
saw in there, it'll be a Charlie Brown Christmas"

Bah, Humbug!


lequan said... [reply]

I think dads just have a harder time showing their feelings than moms. Just gotta be patient with them. They have different ways of showing their affection. It's nice to see you spending some bonding time with your dad. I love seeing hubby bond with our daughter. Btw, hubby is a Capricorn and I'm an Aries.

Monet said... [reply]

My husband lost his father last year...it is so important to reach out to our fathers, even though they may not be skilled in showing the affection that we crave. It was so touching to read this post, my dear. I'm so glad that two were able to bond over food and hiking and christmas tree escapades! Thank you for sharing, love. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Everydayfoodie said... [reply]

I loved this post.

Lola said... [reply]

Me and my Dad have a very odd relationship. While my mom and my sister are the talktative types, we are both quiet, but it's like we understood each other perfectly and we like to hang out. We go to the movies every sunday :)
I think this post is very sweet :)
I loved your protein latte! I make them all the time, but your Bolivian coffee looks AMAZING!
I'm sorry to hear you can't get a job :( it sucks :/


Kristi said... [reply]

I don't think really started having a good relationship with my Dad until my twenties either. Maybe it takes that much time for us to appreciate our dads :)

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]

Aw, it looks like a fun day with the pops. :) My dad and I don't have that super super close relationship either, but we still understand each other. Which is nice.

Cleaneatingchelsey said... [reply]

My dad is the same way - him and my sister clashed until she moved out a feew years ago!

Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin said... [reply]

Aww, that must be nice that you've found something to bond over with your dad! It's funny how much our relationships with our parents change once we're in our 20's. As a teenager, all I ever did was fight with them, but now I'm closer with them than ever.

Alex said... [reply]

I'm so glad you two got to bond :) It looks like you had a great time!!!!

And guess what, Kelsey! I am having the same problem you had sometimes with commenting! It won't show up sometimes....so I hope you get this!

CaSaundra said... [reply]

I love hanging out with my dad--he is the funniest guy ever, but he's a Christmas scrooge as well..what is it with guys?! Ba humbug is right!

Krystal/Village said... [reply]

aw, i think that sounds like such a special time with him! glad you could have it :)

Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) said... [reply]

Oh the love of a father and daughter. The ups and downs we go through. It is nice that you two have gotten to a good place with each other.

Hayley Lauren said... [reply]

I'm always surprised by how much we have in common. I also didn't have a real relationship with my dad until later in life. My dad doesn't really like kids so he had a lot of trouble relating to my sister and I until we were older. He was always a part of our lives, we just never really "connected" in a real way. Anyway, I have an awesome relationship with my dad now and I'm so grateful for it. So glad you and your dad have managed to do the same :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I always was friendly with my dad... but even now we're not close, especially since he doesnt agree with my love of competing.

erica said... [reply]

those little pies are so cute. I really had a horrible relationship with my dad until I went away to college.


Mary said... [reply]

How nice you and your dad had a great time together. :) It's strange..I've kind of been the same with my father as well. We were never super-duper close until I moved off to college and was having a really hard time being away from home. Ever since then we've had a whole new relationship. It's amazing how much dads actually know about life. :P

By the way, this is the 1st time I've been able to comment in at least a week! Must be the new commenting system.

Natalie @ cinnamonbums said... [reply]

this is such a beautiful post kels, thanks for sharing!!! looks like you had such a good time with your dad, and just in time for the holidays too! one of me and my dad's favorite things to do is to go out to breakfast together and try new restaurants!

ps i think my dad is a christmas tree scrooge too.. he always just wants to use the plastic one instead of buying a real one!!

Jennifer Milena said... [reply]

My dad and I aren't very close either, maybe once I turn 21 this will change! Those tarts look delicious!

Kath said... [reply]

I'm so happy you're getting along better with your Dad now! I was the same, and it took me until my early 20s until I established a relationship with my Dad.

Your pictures are incredibly beautiful.

Missy said... [reply]

My heart = melting.
Heres to healed father-daught relationships.


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