04 December 2010

Protein Latte

Bolivia Medium Roast Organic Coffee from Level Ground


Blended hot brewed Coffee, Protein Powder and Stevia

Delicious frugal Lattes with a boost of protein :)

I have a whole bunch of Protein
Powders but this one is my favorite...

Vanilla Vegetarian Protein by InterActive Nutrition 

After listening to my Dad debate for hours with the television over 
the taxes and how the government "is sucking the life out of the hard 
working citizens" ... I started finding myself thinking about my own security...

It's almost impossible for me to find PAID yoga work. I had an interview lined up but was just informed that I wouldn't be guaranteed any paid positions.. nor any future paid positions. WTF! I'm sorry but my services aren't for free. Not if I want to live on my own eventually without having to embrace a life based around my 10 feral cats...

Lol, okay I digress, but seriously... even though we all have to start 
"somewhere" I think its ridiculous that I can't find one studio in this town 
that has any openings! I'm sort of stuck but just trying to wait it out
 and hope that something opens up...

Question: Have you ever had a protein latte?


katie said... [reply]

good luck girl! I AM sure something will open up!!
never had a protein latte but that looks dang good!

Sarah said... [reply]

You never know what opportunities might lie around the corner work-wise, don't give up hope! xxx

Mollyrunsfresh said... [reply]

I have never had a protein latte but I have made protein hot chocolate. I realized that I had to use the blender or else the protein powder didn't get mixed in so it was a bit of a hassle! I hope you find work soon Kelsey, you can open a yoga studio in my town! Best wishes.

Asha said... [reply]

Kelsey! YES...of course you should be paid, and well paid...you are a passionate person following her dreams and sharing yourself through yoga with others...which is something to be proud of and rare to find in this world. The protein latte sounds delicious...do you like the vegetarian options over the whey proteins? Lots of love and I'm sending you lots of good vibrations toward your career and financial goals :)


Lindsay Cotter said... [reply]

what! Youre not getting paid. Ugh, so sorry to hear. Hopefully will find a great job soon! Maybe you could move? Love the protein lattes. I love sneaking in extra protein.

Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin said... [reply]

That's so ridiculous that those studios expect you to work for free! Who can afford that?
Stay positive girl! I'm sure you'll find something soon. :)

CaSaundra said... [reply]

Loooove this idea! I think you should give Starbuck's the hint that they should add something like this to their menu :-)

lvhealthyliving said... [reply]

Keep your spirits up Kelsey. I'm of the mindset that if you are passionate about what you are doing, then opportunities will arise.

Lisa said... [reply]

Stay strong sweetie - something will come your way soon - I just KNOW it!! And, in the meantime, at least you have tasty protein lattes to drink :)

virginia @ytotheummy said... [reply]

Ugh, how frustrating! But if I were you, I would put my business woman power blazer (or in your case, yoga pants?) on and maybe do birthday/slumber parties for some little tweens or something! Can you do that? Or do things get really complicated due to paperwork, liability, certifacations? Just have an entrance fee for each person, or maybe one solid fee for a group? Just on the side?! I don't know how all this works but I'm sure you'll push through! It just takes patience, patience, patience. It's gotta get ugly before it gets pretty :)

Missy Miller said... [reply]

Maybe you could check into your local community's continuing ed and university classes. I have taken a number of yoga classes that met in classrooms of local high schools....also in college there were classes where you could pay and take (I took bellydancing).
Maybe stretch beyond the studios for now? Maybe even a ...sigh...gym?

Just anything to keep you in the loop....gain you a following...until you open up your own fabulous studio of course.


Everydayfoodie said... [reply]

Nope, can't say I have ever had a protein latte!

Krista said... [reply]

That's a bummer that you can't find any paid yoga to teach. Could you contract yourself out to commuinty centre's, government buildings or the such? We have a small gym at work and every Monday a yoga instructor comes in and teaches a class. I'm pretty sure it's $10/person for 10 1 hour sessions. Just a thought.....

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

No protein lattes for me, mostly because I'm not into the whole coffee thing. Wonder how it might work with a green tea latte instead...hmmm...

And I think it's balls that you can't find paying work. Seriously - people can't live on no income. Although, you could do some free yoga to get some "experience" and work at something else to keep you spending money? What other passions do you have? I'm sure you could find something else good.

Crystal said... [reply]

I LOVE that coffee! That's the same kind that my boyfriend and I drink. I have a sweet tooth and I find that this coffee tastes quite sweet compared to say, Kicking Horse (which is also delicious).

I haven't made a latte at home because I am a sucker for caramel lattes and I haven't found or attempted to make a good caramel syrup.

dev said... [reply]

oh my gosh this looks awesome
I need to find a way to eat SOMETHING in the morning.. ( I am not doing too well eating wise.. ugh ) and this looks perfect. It adds a bit of something, and I LOVE my coffee.
I have a cafe caramel rice protein powder I think this would be perfect for.
Thanks Love <3 xo

Anonymous said... [reply]

I make green smoothies with coffee and protein almost every morning! I go light on the greens and add tropical fruit (usually banana or coconut) so they taste like traditional fancy pantsy coffee drinks.

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