04 September 2011

Sandwiches, Squirrel Yoga, and Spicy Sweet Potatoes

I don't know how many people feel the same as me, but when it comes
to Lunch, the last thing I want to do is put a lot of effort into making it

That's why I can rely on Salmon Sandwiches. Two pieces of 
Bread with Planet Organic's Wild Salmon Salad spread on one
 slice, and Tomatoes and Lettuce piled on top of the other slice

And as anyone who has ever made a sandwich can attest to, the only real 
"effort" is in combining the two slices together without the insides spilling out!

Same goes when slicing the sandwich in half; it isn't easy keeping the insides intact!

Truthfully, the sandwich did spill out onto the 
plate, but I cleaned it up a bit for the camera :)

As I sat at the kitchen table looking out through the window into my backyard...

I saw a little Squirrel wedged between in the Walnut Tree

I'm pretty sure Mr. Squirrel was trying to show me a yoga pose; "Squirrel Pose" perhaps?

After blogging about Alexia Potato Wedges back here,
 I thought I would try their Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Alexia Sweet Potato Julienne Cut with Chipotle Seasoning

Nutrition Facts


Frozen Fries straight from the bag

Right away, the kitchen began to fill with the aroma 
of Hickory Smoked Chips and Spicy BBQ... yum!!!

After approx. 25 minutes, they were done

Well, I did however forget to take them out right 
away so the edges burnt a bit... but who cares!?

Questions: Do you like Spicy, Chipotle, or
BBQ-flavoured foods? If so, what are they?


Unknown said... [reply]

definitely agreed on lunch. im having a toasted wild bc salmon patty with leftover broccoli, a baked sweet tater and tons of coconut butter right now! I love canada.

hannah bone said... [reply]

Oh goodness, me needs ta get some-a dem fries, they look all too tasty!
I was wonderin', love, do you eat sweet p'tatoes everyday? Becayse i've only just discovered them and i've eaten em everyday since!
xo <3

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said... [reply]

Sweet potato fries steal my heart, nice choice you have here :)
I eat a sweet potato in one form or another pretty much every day!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love BBQ everything! Spicy sweet and kicky = best combo. I also make my own bbq sauce for chicken, tempeh, etc. Favourite store bought bbq obsession of the moment is DEFINITELY baked kettle chips in their hickory bbq flavour. They will change your life.

Tip Top Shape said... [reply]

Omg those sounds fantastic. Are they crispy out of the oven??

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

I am now craving sweet potato fries lol

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love any and everything spicy or BBQ. I love seeing all your sandwiches. I need to buy canned wild salmon at some point, or better yet smoked salmon.

Jenny said... [reply]

ugh lunch is by far my least favorite meal of the day. During breakfast and dinner I'm always in a pretty relaxed mood and enjoy cooking up something for myself, but right in the middle of the afternoon I'm go-go-going and just don't feel like spending more than 5 minutes putting something together. this sandwich looks awesome!

Chelsea said... [reply]

Sandwiches are my go-to lunch too. I actually just had a salmon salad sandwich today and it made me think of you! :D

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

Gonna be honest - I don't really like BBQ or Chipotle flavoured anything. I find both to be kinda overrated. I do like spicy things though, and will tolerate the other two when used sparingly and effectively.

Now if you could come pack my school lunch with those salmon sandwiches, that would be awesome :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've had those fries....SO GOOD


Anonymous said... [reply]

mmm that sandwich looks yummy! I do like barbecue flavored foods, but I don't eat them very often. BBQ regular chips and soy crisps are both delicious.

Julia said... [reply]

I adore those fries! Seriously favorite.

I love spicy!

Dawn said... [reply]

Everytime my husband is in the store he points out the frozen sweet potato fries but we have never came across chpotle sweet potato fries....this is something new I will have to keep my eyes out for.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love spicy and chipotle, but I am not a huge fan of that smokey BBQ flavour.

Sweet potato fries are the BOMB! I like to dip them in a mixture of mayo, grainy mustard, lime and curry powder. Mmmmmmm!

Ellie said... [reply]

haha cute squirrel!!! I agree on that~Despite my love for cooking and all, lunch is always the simplest for me. Not sure why! I guesss it's b/c it's not the end of the day and I usually don't eat with someone while chatting?

Anonymous said... [reply]

hey beautiful!!! AHHH i am loving sandwiches these days! i havent put tuna in them in a while, i need to! and those sweet tater fries ROCK! my roomie has those! Hope you are doing well! <3

erica said... [reply]

That is the best looking sandwich! I just might have to copy it for my lunch today. I havent seen those spicy sweet potatoes before... I am not really into spice but the roomie is... so I will have to be on the lookout!


Anonymous said... [reply]

mmm! that sandwich looks so freaking scrumptious! i wish that i could keep bread at my house, but it's definitely one of my trigger foods. if i want this sandwich, i'll buy a loaf from the store, keep three or four slices, and throw the rest away before leaving the store. hm, maybe i should feed the birds with the excess instead. http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

Anonymous said... [reply]

BBQ!! BBQ pulled pork and chicken are my jam!

Diana @ VeggieNextDoor said... [reply]

I don't eat fish, but my Dad is also obsessed with Salmon sandwiches - they are his favorite!

Those fries look amazing. I've also been wanting to experiment with some of Mama Pea's recipes using Alexia french fries: http://peasandthankyou.com/2011/07/13/my-french-fry-soulmate/

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