17 May 2012

The Gluten Free Store

I am a huge supporter of drawing attention to local businesses
 that are working hard to bring health and wellness to the community

The Calgary Gluten Free Store is doing just that through 
the availability of local and international gluten free products

Don't let the "Purified Water Store" sign fool you 
as it did me... the store is a combination of both 

"Hundreds of products inside"

Eat Pizza with Judy G's gluten free pizzas and frozen meals

Purified water

One of the aisles

Allergic Solution's dry mixes such as Carob Cake Mix, Egg Bread Mix and Waffle Mix

XL Veggie Taco from Earth's Oven Bakery

Hot cereals, cold cereals and granolas

Piccola Cucina Italian macaroons

Thoz Barz Soft Baked Snack Bars

Some of the flavors include Classic Raisin/Chocolate
 Chip, Apple/Cranberry and Blueberry/Coconut

Nutrition Facts: 200 calories and 11 grams fat

Another section of more gluten free products

Chips and snack foods

Soups, mixes and seasonings

Baking mixes

They'll be getting a new shipment of Only Oats soon which I can't wait for!

Freezers in the back room

Frozen pre-made gluten free meals

Patsy Pie Mini Muffins: Morning Glory with Flax

Copper Pot Creations Spaghetti Bolognese

And Vegetable Shepherd's Pie

I am grateful that Calgary is home to such great stores like this one. With
so many people experiencing issues with digesting wheat and/or gluten,
having access to wheat grain replacements becomes an invaluable resource!


Alex @ therunwithin said... [reply]

Holy crap, I want to go there. For a celiac girl like me this is close to heaven!

Krista said... [reply]

What a great little store!

Kat @ Cupcake Kat said... [reply]

I love that store. They also have a gluten free Stampede Breakfast which is awesome

Anonymous said... [reply]

That's great...so convenient! And water is right there too :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Calgary has so many great food stores ... I wish we had that here.

Katharina said... [reply]

Wow! So many new things to try. It looks like a great place for exploring, which seems like you did just that :)

Glad you found a store with so many options, love!

Anonymous said... [reply]

This is my parents store!! I am Courtney I am the one in the family with celiac so I guess you could say I'm the inspiration... Haha and let me tell you.. ABSOLUTLY everything in the store is delicious!! :) I hope every one of you can stop in!!

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