07 June 2012

Enriching Brown Rice Bread

I wanted to blog about one of my favorite gluten free breads

Ener-G Gluten-Free Enriched Loaf , made with brown rice

The reason I love it so much is because it currently remains to be one
of the more affordable brands of gluten free bread and was one of the
first types that I used when I began switching over to a gluten free diet

Nutrition facts

Ingredient list

The perfect alternative to sandwich bread

Breakfast sandwich

2 toasted slices of Ener-G gluten free brown rice bread
 topped with processed cheese, red onion, tomato, deli ham, 
sauteed spinach and a poached egg topped with black pepper

Then I pressed both slices together, gently breaking the soft poached egg

Side view of the monstrous breakfast sandwich

Aerial views

Question: What brand of bread are you currently using?


Anonymous said... [reply]

I love Rudi's!

Anonymous said... [reply]

oh that bread looks amazing! i'll have to try it! i like rudi's too:) thanks for sharing!

Brittany said... [reply]

This bread looks GOOOOOD. I am using Dave's Killer Bread..my all time favorite.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I am using the organic sprouted grain bread from Costco. It is so good! Also, that sandwich looks absolutely incredible! Please make me one :-)

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