22 July 2012

Warm Yoga and Warm Meals

The other day I was feeling a little down and needed to 
find something to do to pick me back up... so I headed
 downtown at noon for a drop-in yoga class at Yoga Passage

A 55 minute Warm Yin/Yang Yoga Class

The class starts out with Yang (active) sequences followed by
 (restorative) Yin sequences, all done in a slightly heated room

The studio inside is quite simple and serene, 
with candles lit all along the walls and floor

Props: Bolster, blocks and yoga mat

The class was incredibly relaxing with just the right amount of 
challenging postures that flowed together in coherent sequences

And after a balanced yoga session comes a balanced dinner

Oven roasted salmon, potatoes, corn on the cob and steamed broccoli

The perfect summer meal

And it tastes even better when you have someone to share it with :)

Question: What foods have you been 
cooking/craving frequently this summer? 


Anonymous said... [reply]

so true - a perfect summer meal! yum!!

Danai @ Living, Learning, Eating said... [reply]

I've been eating a lot of chocolate this summer - in the past I've always had phases with chocolate, but this sure is one LOOOOOONG phase! I've had chocolate every single day! Other than that, kabocha squash and watermelon and loads of legumes and nuts :)

Missy said... [reply]

There wasn't Diet Mt Dew in that bottle was there?

Hmm....lets see. I'd have to save my summer food fixation of the summer (there have been many) would be fruit and nut butters. I think maybe I want the cool lightness of fruit and then the nut butters are coming in handy for lots of calories and fat without a lot of volume cause the heat. (South Florida is HOT).

That's what my body wants.
My tastes have been wild over tacos and burritos. That NEVER happens.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I have been eating out a lot this summer ... I need to start cooking!

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