01 October 2013

Burgers, Buns and October Sun

I'm trying to figure out if I love eating parfaits mainly because 
they're quick and delicious or because I am obsessed with my moms 
collection of unique and gorgeously crafted drinking glasses! Hmm

Single serving Liberte Greek Yogurt: 0% Blackberry

Blackberry yogurt with fresh blueberries? Why not!

Now lets get to the details of what exactly I put into this parfait...

I was delighted to try out this box of Wheat Free Granola
 from Glutenfreeda that I brought back home from Calgary

Each box contains individual packets of their granola, with a
 suggested serving being half of that packet: 120 calories, 4
grams of fat, 2 grams fiber, 5 grams sugar and 3 grams of protein

This one is their Raisin Almond Honey Granola flavour

I combined the yogurt and 1/2 packet of granola, 
along with fresh organic blueberries and cinnamon

Such a delicious little mess!

...and you've got to love bright sunny fall mornings 
to add to the overall mood (some coffee helps too)

Breakfast wasn't the only highlight of this beautiful fall day though...

BBQ burgers with Sweet Potato Fries was!

Organic lean ground beef patties topped with sliced onion, tomato, pickles, steamed 
kale, ketchup and mustard, all tucked into a gluten free hamburger bun

The sides included more steamed kale sprinkled with cayenne 
pepper, steamed green peas, and Alexia Julienne Sweet Potato Fries 

If you haven't tried these fries I would highly suggest you do. I eat them 
at least 2-3 times a week for dinner and/or lunch...well, because I'm addicted!

Happy 1st of October!


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That looks delicious babe, im kind of jealous. :)

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