17 September 2013

Soy Ice Cream Parfait

Summer is still here and so is the hot weather, so I have
 brought a new cool treat to the table to share with all of you

A healthy and delectable Soy Ice Cream Parfait with banana and berries

Purely Decadent Purely Vanilla Lactose Free

One of my favourite soy "ice creams"

At 140 calories and 4 servings per carton, there 
is no need to worry about eating too much, go for it!


I simply layered my parfait with sliced bananas, 
soy ice cream, blueberries, bananas, soy ice cream etc.

Next time I will try adding granola bits for some extra "crunch"

Topped with some more soy ice cream

This is the perfect refresher/palate cleanser for a sunny mid-afternoon treat


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