07 May 2014

Beach Bums and Trail Mix

"Life's a beach...and I'm just playing in the sand"

I was in need of a little sun therapy, so I grabbed a friend his guitar in tow) to
 accompany me down to the ocean and serenade me with music in the process

Toes in the sand and heads on the rocks...

Myself being a little timid :) 

The most beautiful reason for living in Victoria B.C.

...and I saw a little woodpecker!!!

Come a little closer dear friend

...Then he flew away haha

After a day in the sun this squirrel needed a snack!

I have become obsessed with the Kirkland Signature Trail Mix

But because I wasn't able to get to Costco, I made my own: I bought a regular
trail mix
 and combined it with milk chocolate and dark chocolate M&M candies

Honestly, I never liked M&M's until I found this trail mix!

Questions: Do you like trail mix?
 What is your favorite combination?


Anonymous said... [reply]

Beautiful day, beautiful girl.

PS- Because of you, Victoria B.C has been on my bucket list to visit for years. You have shared so much through your blog I am dying to get there (but ONLY during the summer.)

I love trail mix and my favorite combination (in life) is PB&J so *drumroll* my favorite has to go to this new mix I picked up at Target:


OMG. So good. For the soul. Not necessarily the health. (0;

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I do like trail mix, but mostly the chocolate ;-)

Victoria looks gorgeous!

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