17 June 2014

Breakfast "Date"

Three years ago, I posted these amazing organic date squares that 
were to die for, recently summoning me back into their salivating charm...

Seriously, why not make a killer breakfast out of them!

I crumbled the date square ontop 1/2 cup of creamy greek yogurt, along with 1/2 sliced
 small banana, 1/4 cup Whole O's Nature's Path Cereal, and some cinnamon to garnish

I had energy for hours and the protein in the yogurt prevented any sugar
 crashes. You all know how much I love dessert for breakfast...remember?

Oh but wait, there is a twist! I mixed in two secret weapons, 1/4 packet of 
North Coast Naturals Daily Cleanse and 1 shot container of Bio-K Original

Question: Do you put any extras like fibers, superfoods
or flavourings to your foods that we should know about?


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I always put PB in my vanilla or plain Greek yogurt, and it's fantastic!

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