08 December 2014

Dr. Who Workout

I made it safely to Calgary...or am I in London?

It seems I've traveled to the set of Dr. Who

Nope, I'm in Calgary staying with my boyfriend at his friends house, 
which they have an awesome Dr. Who Police Box cardboard cutout!

I'm trying to stay busy until we move into our new place, 
so in the meantime, why not try out their elliptical trainer ;)

A short workout is just what the mind needs to stay focused

I'm slowly adjusting to life in Calgary after being away for a few years

I didn't workout for long, which tells me that getting back into 
my all-time favorite exercise, YOGA! is exactly what I need to do

How I will realistically be spending my day? 
Doing the crossword in today's MetroNews Calgary

Question: How do you get settled into a new city? Any tips?


Anonymous said... [reply]

That's a really nice Doctor Who cardboard cut out (jealous). I moved to my current city not knowing anyone and I started by researching what was in the area and finding places to volunteer at or festivals/events to check out.

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