02 December 2014

Goldstream Park

My Dad and I went for a beautiful hike through Goldstream
 Park to watch the salmon swim upstream, near the waterfall

I took some photos as it was such a beautiful day, albeit icy and a bit cold

There are no pictures of salmon though as they were scarce and hard to photograph :(

But enjoy these for now...

The trail

The cool hollowed out log

Spooky and majestic

Then came the actual exercise portion of the hike: Stairs!

So many stairs! 

And once you go down... you know it'll be a bi*ch climbing back up!

Icicles and a "cold shower" haha

It was beautiful looking at a wall of flowing water lined with frozen foliage

Me looking at the fishies

The waterfall

Selfie and the long climb back to the top

Comment: I urge everyone to find a set of stairs today and 
 go up them two or three times. Climbing is so great for the body 
and helps give both your metabolism and muscles an extra boost!


Unknown said... [reply]

Beautiful park and pictures! I would love to watch the salmon swim upstream...that sounds amazing. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow - that looks just beautiful! I love the icicles especially. And yes, definitely good to climb stairs each day! A few times I've climbed the 12 or so flights of stairs up to my office at work; it's something I could do more often this winter, for sure.

Angie's Recipes said... [reply]

Those nature photos are breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful! I instantly felt relaxed and good at the sight of all the green...just beautiful!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said... [reply]

What a beautiful place.

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