01 December 2014

Monkeying Around

I love sushi for breakfast, it comes in second to chocolate :)

Brown Rice Vegetable Combo with Imitation Crab Lettuce Wraps in Tapioca 
Paper, alongside Roasted Chicken Breast, Sauteed Kale, Red Onion, and Leeks

Protein-packed with healthy carbs to fuel my day

The other day I found this while at Value Village

My monkey toque that I am now obsessed with

Look at that face! Awe

My lunch looks more like it should have been my 
breakfast, but who says we should follow the "rules"

Scrambled Tortilla with whole eggs and egg whites, kale
 and onion, a dash of garlic powder and squirt of mustard

Oh and tomato, all tucked tucked into a brown rice tortilla

Mighty delicious and so simple, just how I like my meals

Let's switch over to dessert shall we?

Dessert for Dinner? I think so!

And inside an empty bowl of noodle soup? Yup!

A cup (I ate some while photographing) of Soy Ice Cream 
with Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cake and Vanilla Cake

Definitely not Soybean Noodle Soup, but way tastier ;)

Questions: Do you switch up your meals too? Do you
 have Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner for Breakfast etc.? 


Cakespy said... [reply]

I love salad for breakfast which makes people cringe...but why? I also love indian food in the AM. Or an ice cream cone on a decadent day. This is all to say--I am SO with you. I support you!

Unknown said... [reply]

We had a lot of good sushi on our vacation. It was so delicious! I could have eaten it for breakfast, too :)

Unknown said... [reply]

I am a big fan of dessert for breakfast! It helps that there's usually lots of fruit and nuts but most of my desserts and breakfasts are interchangeable :) I have also been known to eat lasagna for breakfast though ... haha so I guess I'm a big fan of switching things up too!

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine said... [reply]

Those Tortillas are my life! Aren't they just so good!

Katerz said... [reply]

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I definitely switch up food - breakfast for dinner is always a fun treat. And cake for breakfast? Definitely. Also, my family is Russian so we ate things like mashed potatoes and herring for Sunday breakfast, so it doesn't weird me out to sit down with some meat and potatoes for breakfast. Looks like you had a great eating day!

Unknown said... [reply]

I like that sushi and the scrambled tortilla.

Unknown said... [reply]

Sushi for breakfast? Now you are the first person I've ever "met" to eat it then. But hey if a craving hits, run w/ it!!

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