19 January 2015

Healthy Frozen Dinners

When I'm lazy in a pinch for time, healthy frozen dinners are essential

I decided to try President's Choice's Slow-Cooked Angus Beef Frozen Dinner Meal

Nutritionally speaking, only 200 calories each and 14 grams of protein

Angus beef chunks with celery, carrots, and whole cut potatoes

Not too shabby looking if I may say so...

But because I love to health-ify whats already healthy, I needed more veggies!

So I steamed up some frozen broccoli florets

Always getting my greens in ;)

In the microwave it went, for about 3-4 minutes


And after...

The final result

The product was a surprisingly succulent meal, with
a sauce that tasted as comforting as mother's pot roast

I highly recommend trying this brand if you
are able to find it in your area. Well worth $4!!!

Questions: Do you eat frozen meals?
What are some of your favorites?


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

That is smart to add some veggies to it; it will bulk up the meal too, as they are often not very large portions. I don't know why I've never thought to do that!

My favourite frozen meal is I think by Lean Cuisine ... it's called Thai Chicken, and it's fantastic. It might not be Lean Cuisine ... but whatever it is, mmmmmmm!! I haven't had it in many, many years though.

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