02 April 2015

Swiss Cheese Covered Crackers

This is what happens when you mix Swiss Cheese and BBQ Crispy Minis.
 I was feeling a bit naughty and wanted a snack that went along with it!

Cracker Barrel Swiss Cheese Slices

Ooey gooey and crunchy all in one. The perfect combination for a guilty pleasure :)

Question: What was your last
 guilty food craving you indulged in?


Unknown said... [reply]

I don't really believe in "guilty foods" but I had an amazing Strawberry & Meringue dessert last night! :)

Monica said... [reply]

This is so much fun, love it! And I say enjoy yourself and eat what you like - that's what I try to do!

Angie's Recipes said... [reply]

I ate an extra brioche yesterday.. :-)) It was so good. These cheesy crackers look so inviting.

Anonymous said... [reply]

What an awesome idea! I'm all about cheesy snacks with a good crunch to them. PB pretzels are one of my guilty pleasures -- not because they're inherently bad for you, but it's just impossible to eat only one portion!

Eva said... [reply]

Ooh yum! I just had some monkey bread today and it was pretty fantastic. :)

Kelly said... [reply]

Adding cheese to crunchy snacks is genius! I love microwaving cheese on snacks!

Unknown said... [reply]

The melted cheese over the crackers was a great idea -- gotta indulge when the mood strikes! I had a triple chocolate mini cheesecake today. 😃

Jocelyn said... [reply]

Adding cheese to just about anything makes it so much better! Love this fun and easy snack idea!

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