02 April 2015

Protein Packed Meals

Some days are spent eating mostly carbs and others are protein packed.
 Today I just needed the extra boost only protein-rich meals can provide

They say eggs are an excellent choice for breakfast, so I attempted to make an omelet

By attempted, I mean failed and thus my omelet became an egg scramble

Still yummy nonetheless. I used a whole egg, 
egg whites, spinach and onion with black pepper

Salmon salad for lunch

My current and long-standing obsession

So I made an open-faced sandwich with gluten free toast, lettuce, and salmon salad

I always struggle with not eating the whole container of salmon, its just that good

So now that we are on the subject of protein, it leads me to wonder...

Questions: Do you alternate between higher
 carb and higher protein days? Do you find that
 some days you just need protein-rich foods?


Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen said... [reply]

I absolutely love adding spinach to my morning eggs. So healthy and they're a superfood!

scrambledhenfruit said... [reply]

Some days I crave protein, and some days I crave carbs. I love salmon salad! :)

Kate Morgan Jackson said... [reply]

Scrambled eggs with spinach is one of my go-to meals when I just can't figure out dinner - I also love to stir in a little ricotta cheese with them. YUM!

Angie's Recipes said... [reply]

wow I want that SALMON SALAD!!! My mouth is watering terribly!

Unknown said... [reply]

Scrambled eggs with spinach is just wow! Perfect for dinner/lunch! Indeed YUMMY Protein Packed Meals! :)

Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said... [reply]

I def feel like I need more protein on some days. And yes, I tend to eat the entire can of salmon or tuna haha

mollymell said... [reply]

Sometimes it happens to me, I started 'thinking' I'm cooking something but in the end it turns to something else :)) , but as you wrote, it does not mean it's not good.
I love scrambled eggs and omelet as well, and this salmon sandwich looks so tempting!

Answering your question: I really don't think much about it, most of the time I just try and listen to what my body is asking, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, what it's important is that is real food.

ps.: I looked for the Easter boxes you made, but did not find them. Didn't you post them?

Happy Easter Kelsey! ღ

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I don't pay much attention to carbs or protein ... I figure it will all even out in the end, haha!

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