30 August 2010

Sweet Potato Swan

Yes, I'm well aware, 
Most of you visit my blog because of these...

My Daily Morning Muffins

Carrot Millet Pumpkin Seed Muffin from Cascadia Bakery

The cap on this baby just screams "EAT ME!"

The millet doesn't soften when it's baking,
so you get a fantastic CRUNCH with this muffin :)

I'll always be a slave to take-out vegan food from Green Cuisine...

Jamaican rice, kabocha squash, tofu espagnol, nori millet burger patty,
oven fries, black beans, yam & walnut salad, kale, arame seaweed,
salad greens, alfalfa sprouts and vegan ranch dressing

After digging in my bag I found half of a Clif builder bar...

A little squished, melted and mangled... just the way I like it ;)

Now, check out this sweet potato I bought!!!

Totally a "Sweet Potato Swan" right???

And after a brief decapitation...

...deliciousness ensued.

Questions: Do you keep snack foods in your purse or bag?
Anything else interesting in there that you'd like to share?

29 August 2010

Johnson Street Festival

Yesterday was the first ever Johnson Street Festival and Block Party

The lower half of Johnson St. a.k.a. 'LoJo' is well known for
 designer shopping and local boutiques. For the first time,
 they closed down LoJo for a Block Party and Sidewalk Sale

I got there a little too early and most of the booths we're only starting to set up

But I took a bunch of pictures you can scroll through...

Little girl in a Princess costume with a yellow balloon


Yoga Mats


Kettlebell Workout

Music Stage

The Zone @ 91.3

Skateboard Ramp

Rook & Rose Floral Boutique

Nathan's Montreal Old Fashioned Smoked Meat from Lully's Sandwich Bar

Guy getting a treatment from a ghost at the Chinese Medicine Clinic

Rebel Rebel Clothing's "Design Your Own Tote Bags"

I love the gray ankle boots!!!

Market Square had a fun Kid Zone set up for the little ones...

Crazy, weird and fun figurines

Craft Tables

There were tables to color and create your own t-shirt :)

The little boy in the picture was so excited to go in the bouncy castle that he 
tripped, awe. But he was much too happy to bother with tears, what a trooper lol

There was a huge Cardboard Castle and Maze to play in and paint as well

Plus a smaller bouncy Dino for the younger children like myself ;)

PS. Chelsey made a gluten-free version of my "Fig Scuffins".
Check out her fabulous "Cranberry Walnut Scuffins" here

PSS. Asha tried out one of my stir-fries which you can check out here

Question: How have you been 
spending the last August weekend?