20 November 2010

Don't Have a Cow!

Hope everyone is having an Udderly good weekend! 
I just wanted to share these cute pictures with you...

You may remember the cow mug I bought awhile back. 
Well, to my surprise, I was in Pier One the other day and 
noticed they were selling the matching bowl; on sale too!

Around the same time, my mom brought home this cute Cow 
Cushion/Chair she found at Value Village. She bought it for  
her Library kids (The crazy kids you may remember from here)

My mom is a child at heart. I should show you a picture of her
 Library, there is more stuffed animals in there than Toys-R-Us!

Questions: Are you an animal collector?
 Do you have animal mugs, bowls, pillows,
 jewelry or other random stuff at home?

Site Update: I've been slacking on replying to all my comments but want you to know that I read all your comments and eventually get back to answering your questions. So if you previously commented on a post, check back in a day or so and you'll likely see a reply; Some are pretty hilarious too which you'll love. 

Actually most of you guys/gals are quite the comedians, I love it!


Unknown said... [reply]

I think this is thoroughly unparalleled.

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