09 December 2010

Celiac Blood Test Results

Awhile back I avoided gluten because I was having stomach pains, bloating, 
fatigue, water retention along with a host of other symptoms. Refer back 
here for my whole life/health story if you'd like :)

After the gluten-free period I decided to re-introduce wheat...
 My Gluten-Free Trial. But instead of using up $50 on the Biocard Test
I returned the package and chose Blood Testing instead. 

The results are in: Negative for Celiac

Bring on the Sweet Potato Pies !!

The test isnt 100% accurate, only a Biopsy is. Since I feel great on 
wheat and don't generally eat it every day, I don't think a biopsy is necessary. 
It's amazing how well I tolerate wheat since giving it a break and 
replenishing my system with probiotics and enzymes.

Cheers to testing negative and 
being able to enjoy sweet potato pies :)

And another cheers to all the wonderful Gluten-Free Bloggers 
out there (you know who you are; we love you girls) that prove you don't 
have to give up on great food even if you have to give up on gluten! 


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Honestly, I am glad you are feeling better! I think that is the key to any diet out there. Do what makes you feel good!

Anonymous said... [reply]

maybe it was a bout of ibs? that's good news for you! i'll keep trying to make gf eats as tasty as possible hope you'll try those too!

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

so glad you are feeling better and got a negative for celiac! love ya!!!!

Susan said... [reply]

Congrats on the negative results! Bring on that pie (which looks fantastic by the way)!

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

Glad to hear the results are negative and that you seem to be doing well having re-introduced wheat back into your diet. Maybe it's more about moderation.

Kath said... [reply]

I've experienced the same with my lactose intolerance - it got better after staying away from lactose dairy for some time. (Unfortunately, I still react - in a different way than to lactose - to casein, and that doesn't leave me.)

Anyway, I'm happy you can have sweet potato pies again! :D

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]


That is good news! And I'm happy you're not having any more stomach issues even with the introduction of a little wheat back into your diet... it must be a sigh of relief!

lequan said... [reply]

that's awesome news Kelsey! i'm so happy for you. i know how much it sucks not to be able to eat a certain food you enjoy. i've had to avoid some of my childhood favorite chocolate bars because they contain nuts.

DANG that's a good looking sweet potato pie :-P

Alex@Spoonful of SUgar Free said... [reply]

YAY!!!! I am so happy for you :) Now you don't have to worry at all, and know you are healthy (we already knew you were, right ;) )

That sweet potato pie looks super good. will you recreate the recipe for me?

Unknown said... [reply]

amen sista! I still cook good stuff on a GF diet and yes I still indulge in wheat if I really want it. I would totally go for the pie right about now too. hehe!

Unknown said... [reply]

oh and i am so happy your test was negative!! :)

Bee said... [reply]

Great news angel :)

I've added you to my google reader because your blog is a bit super!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yay for no Celiac! I can't ever imagine giving up my wheat breads and pasta! I try not to eat too much because I get bloated as well, but I think that is from the high fiber content rather than the gluten. I wish I could find a sweet potato pie like that where I live. Cute!

Missy said... [reply]

Is it weird to say I have been wondering about your test? That took ages!

I'm glad you found your balance.
I've been currently trying to seek out the cause of issues with my tummy and it has been difficult...cutting food out for me leads me down a rough road.


Kristi said... [reply]

Glad your test came back negative!
That sweet potato pie looks so yummy!

Chelsea said... [reply]

Yay for the good news! Even though being Celiac definitely wouldn't be the end of the world (since there are so many great GF products and recipes out there), it's nice to not have to worry about it! :)

Karen (Toronto Girl West) said... [reply]

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Monet said... [reply]

I'm glad to hear the good news! It is certainly becoming easier to eat a gluten-free diet, but it still is a hard road to journey down. Your sweet potato pie looks AMAZING. Did you make that? Wow! Thank you so much for sharing with me tonight. I hope you have a wonder-filled Friday!

Asha Raval said... [reply]

WOW!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! SOOOOOOO interesting how having a healthy internal system can help digest difficult stuff like gluten. I eat wheat sometimes as well and as long as it is in small quantities and not regularly it doesn't bother me. Thing like legumes and some combinations of nuts bother me much more...very strange.

I love comparing and sharing digestive info!!!

great post



Anonymous said... [reply]

Glad to hear the test is negative since gluten products do taste far better ;) hihih!! don't tell anyone I wrote this :P
If you had the time I would be really happy if you could drop me an email and let me know what helped you and you GI system. As you know I have so much prblems with gas and bloating etc I can always use any advice. My email is neela.ewerhart@yahoo.com or FB is also good!
Thank you so much

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hi Kelsey,

I'm following your blog for a while.
I just love the way you function and live. You're inspiring.



CaSaundraLeigh said... [reply]

Glad to hear! I'm not sure I'd do too well with not being able to consume gluten foods!

Emily said... [reply]

Hooray for good news! I do think there is a lot of value in letting the gut rest and heal. I'm so glad you can enjoy those fantastic sweet potato pies, now. ;)

Krista said... [reply]

I was pretty jazzed when my Celiac blood test was negative, too. YAY for you! And I felt the same about getting the biopsy....not worth it right now.... :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!! Good news!!!

Kelsey said... [reply]

GOOD! My friend was just diagnosed with celiac's disease and I feel badly for her.

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