24 February 2011

Hug A Snowman... It's Cold Out There!

As promised, here are some photos from yesterday's meander through the snow

Along the way I met some snowmen snowfriends...

Saw a mother and son shoveling snow...

and a few crazy people out for a run...

I walked past my old high school, Mount Doug Secondary

Then circled around the University of Victoria...

Paying homage to the Canadian Flag :)

A few minutes later, the snow started picking up...

And all that walking made for a hungry squirrel who needed some snacking...

By the time I headed home, the snow and wind 
picked up, making it hard to see where I was going!

But when I saw my church I go to, I knew I was on the right path lol

The photos don't do justice in showing how 
blinding it was; How I made it home is a mystery

Phew, so happy when I found my street and 
could finally get back inside my warm igloo home

Not attractive, this is my post "What the hell did I just go through" face

Even my groceries were frozen haha

The End


Unknown said... [reply]

i'm colder just looking at these pics haha

Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

Holy Fazoli, girl! That is a truck load of snow!!! It is crazy thinking that you walked through that only yesterday while I was outside sweating truckloads because it was the hottest and most humid day I had all winter! 83*......

Tod said... [reply]

Crazy, When I left Victoria it was sunny and dry. That was at 1:30pm, then i heard it started to snow like crazy at 2:00pm ... that way tuesday..

Anonymous said... [reply]

What groceries did you get missy?!
Excited to see...
Snuggle up, it looks cold in vancouver!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

That house with the snowmen...that is my dream house! The photos are great Kelsey. Now I am freezing! Try to stay warm!

Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) said... [reply]

It looks FREEZING and you look soo cold!! Your hat is so cute, though!

The snow pictures are gorgeous, though! Snow is just so dazzling and beautiful!

Unknown said... [reply]

i love the flag picture. Such great colors. And wow, does that look FRIGID!! I've never had to shovel snow in my life. I think I'd be horrible it.

Chelsea said... [reply]

I don't know how on earth people can run outside in that kind of weather! They're crazy!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

It looks like you are living where I am!!!!

nourishedwellness said... [reply]

Oh my goodness! I hope you're wearing snow shoes!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Arghhh I hate walking in that kind of weather. At least you're on the coast! It's a fair bit less brutal then the winds that go and go and go and go across the Alberta prairies with nothing to hit!!
The best thing after a walk like that is a hot mug of tea and snuggling up on your couch in your favorite blanket!

Mary said... [reply]

Dang! I know you're in Canada and all..but it's still strange to see that much snow when it's close to 80* here already!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow I can't imagine walking through all that snow!! I just got done biking home in shorts and a t-shirt... then again I do live in Texas haha


zoe (and the beatles) said... [reply]

i cannot believe you braved through that! i am such a wuss when i comes to snow and cold weather. guess that's what happens when you live in northern california your whole life :)

oh, and don't tell me that's your unattractive face! you look adorable :)!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]


Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh my god I've been complaining about how cold it is where I live when It's not even snowing!
Brrr. I feel bad for you girl.

Stephanie said... [reply]

Ha! Great snowmen! I really like the Canadian flag pics...the red is quite striking against the snow.

Anonymous said... [reply]


Sophia @ Raven Waves said... [reply]

Wow, you guys got hit hard! Stay warm out there!

Aimee said... [reply]

Wow you look fareeezing. Thanks for the photos. What kinds of goodies are in the bag? I just did a groceries post inspired a bit by you :) Stay warm<3

Katie Mar said... [reply]

oh mannn! snow is getting on my nerves
it's pretty, but i'm sick of it

i just looked at your coconut pudding recipe and it looks delishh.. i just ate, but it's so tempting to make right now

thank you so much for praying for briar's family. you're very sweet! :)

Christin@purplebirdblog said... [reply]

That is one helluva photo set!! :D

Yuki said... [reply]

i used to go to mount doug too
didnt like it though :P
so i switched schools
omg i cant believe it snowed a couple days ago!
i just came back from vancouver and there's no snow there :D

Meagan said... [reply]

I LOVE oskri products - have you tried their coconut bars? DELISH

Red Deception said... [reply]

Good thing I got my ass out of there before the snowfall!

Krista said... [reply]

You guys sure got hit! Those snowmen are way cute. Bet they were fun to make!!

N said... [reply]

I love how any pictures with colours other than gray/brown (trees) and white REALLY stood out. Like the red in the flag! Love it :)

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